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ATAVISTIC - Retrospective: From Within To Clear-cut Conscience 2xLP

FOAD 323

ATAVISTIC - Retrospective: From Within To Clear-cut Conscience 2xLP
Zoom image
ATAVISTIC - Retrospective: From Within To Clear-cut Conscience 2xLP

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies. Complete recordings 1985-1989 of these criminally underrated, blasting fast UK hardcore maniacs! 26 SONGS, collecting the following works:

- the legendary "From within" demo for the first time on vinyl, mastered from the band's 1st generation tape as you've never heard it before!

- unreleased demo 1985

- Life during wartime 7"

- Equilibrium 7"

- complete compilation tracks 1987-1989

Ripping fast, full throttle hardcore from the highly influential 80's "Britcore" scene that gave birth to speed obsessed thrash classics such as Electro Hippies, Ripcord, Heresy, Intense Degree, Unseen Terror, Satanic Malfunctions and countless more! Double LP with 24 page horizontal book including liner notes, scans of the original releases, inserts, complete "From within" booklet, photos and more..


LP 1 - Demos 1986/1985
A1 . Splendid Isolation
A2 . Real World
A3 . Cog In The Machine
A4 . Means To An End
A5 . Manipulation
A6 . Liberty For Whom?
A7 . Mentally Starved
A8 . Timshel
B1 . Your Times Up
B2 . Standardised And Compromised
B3 . Manipulation
B4 . Cog In The Machine
B5 . Manipulation (Alternate Version)

LP 2 Singles And Compilation Tracks 1987/1989
C1 . A Question Of Priorities
C2 . Creatures Of Habit
C3 . Liberty For Whom?
C4 . Survival Of The Fittestv C5 . Half Life
C6 . Means To An End
C7 . Perpetual Motion
C8 . Timshel
D1 . Maelstrom
D2 . Unlearn
D3 . Perpetual Motion
D4 . Common Ground
D5 . Clear-Cut Conscience

Cat No.: FOAD 323

Label: → F.O.A.D. Records

27,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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