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3 WAY CUM - 1993-1998 2xLP


3 WAY CUM - 1993-1998 2xLP
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Complete discography of one of the best crust bands in 90’s coming out from Sweden. 40 songs on two LPs plus inlay, A2 poster, sticke. Remastered by Kenko (Communichaos), layout by Andreas (Crutches). Artwork by Stiv Of War...


A01 . Rättvisa
A02 . Doesn´t make sense
A03 . Home sweet hell
A04 . Money makes the world go round
A05 . Angels of dirt
A06 . Poisoned by your greed
A07 . Watch
A08 . Battle of opinions
A09 . Government arseholes
A10 . Begging for help
B01 . Kill & infest
B02 . Colours
B03 . Use the resources
B04 . Make me puke
B05 . Not your problem
B06 . Witchfinders
B07 . The hard way
B08 . Killing the life
B09 . Blood on my pillow
B10 . Oppression
C01 . Bizarre
C02 . Tortures
C03 . Reptiles
C04 . Government fartknockers
C05 . Machineries
C06 . Far above
C07 . Lost in the minefield
C08 . Streetlight hero
C09 . Follow our urges
C10 . Your nightmare
D01 . I wanna be your dog
D02 . Another wasted life
D03 . Mountains of madness
D04 . Pleasure of pain
D05 . Return of the base
D06 . Slowly we rot
D07 . None of your business
D08 . Scientific toy
D09 . Out of your mind
D10 . Just another creep

Cat No.: PR260

Label: → Phobia Records

26,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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ASBESTOS - Agonized Cry 2xLP w/OBI

ASBESTOS - Agonized Cry 2xLP w/OBI

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies. - The second full length of these pioneering Tokyo crusties for the first time on vinyl! Originally released on CD only by Decontrol records in 1996 and never reissued to this day.. Gloomy, metallic hardcore blended with a strong crustpunk imprint.. if you enjoyed their classic debut "...the final solution" (also reissued by F.O.A.D. one year ago), "Agonized cry" picked up where they left off adding an even darker edge and adding some heavy Amebix/Antisect influences.. Viciously addictive riffs and vitriolic vocals alternating their trademark hoarse tones with full strength shouts. 14 SONGS! Double LP with OBI strip and insert with lyrics and original artworks.

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DISEASE - Nobody Knows How Miserable We Are 10

DISEASE - Nobody Knows How Miserable We Are 10"col.

The acclaimed masters of guitar-fuzz-crust straight outta Skopje/Macedonia. As usual straight in your face 666% Disclose worshipping. D-Beat Raw Punk Inferno of europe's best. - RRRAW TO THE BONES

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Rawmantic Disaster and Burning Anger Records has been a household name for loud, noisy, raw and uncut d-beat-raw punk-mangel ... you won't be dissapointed here with Dödskontroll from USA with furious Raw Punk Noize feat. members of Decade. On the flip side we have Warför? from Sweden with their first release on vinyl after the dope demo tape from 2021. Classic Swedish Raw Punk Mangel, the way we love it.

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SUBVERSE / SZRAMA - "Distort Berlin Vol.2" Split LP

The Berlin HC-Noize Mob strikes again and putting Berlin back on the map. This is a follow up to the "Earth Crust Displacement/Gau split LP 'Distort Berlin vol. 1'" - Both bands play insane raw female fronted Raw HC-Punk with a strong political attitude and a lot of anger. Subverse features members of Kami Ada and Glorious, Szrama features Earth Crust Displacement members, so you kindd of know the deal...

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SCUM OF TOYTOWN - Cells LP + Download.

SCUM OF TOYTOWN - Cells LP + Download.

The scum of toytown is back! 20 years after their fantastic debut album "Strike", the band from Stevenage (UK) is back together and recorded a brand new full lenght LP in 2014. On here they feature a set of previously unrecorded older material alongside with new songs that sound just as they picked it up again where they left off in 1995.

10,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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