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Due to the COVID-19 emergency situation there are still restrictions for exports to various nonEU (oversea) countries. These restrictions vary alot between parcel size and destination. The whole situation is very complex and i would strongly advice you to email me at mailorder@ruinnation.org before you place your order. Tell me how big your order is and we check our possibilities. Especially if your homebase is within Australia, NZ, Japan, USA, Canada, South East Asia etc etc...


Please CLICK HERE for the actual DHL international Shipping restrictions!


To make is a little bit easier for you and me, i deactivated the automatic PayPal check out. This way i can make sure that i am in the position to deliver to your country before you pay and we can review our options.


I try to get back to a daily routine here in the office and warehouse but still face an enormous pile of tasks put on hold during the pandemic. So please remain patient!


Ruin Nation is a one person DIY Punk Mailorder and not Amazon. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 "Business Days" before i can reply but usually i am pretty damn fast. If you have trouble with your order, or order status, communication is the key and feel free to ask but always be patient!

Hope you're all good. Stay healthy and rebel!



Payment Options

We accept payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal and Cash at pickup. Within Europe we only accept payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Payment on invoice is possible after the 5th successful mail-order transaction. For Non-European Customers we can only accept payment via PayPal.

a) Payment via Bank Transfer (Payment In Advance)

After you have finished the ordering process, you will receive an invoice within a few minutes that contains our bank details. Please pay after you have received the invoice! All bank transfer transaction fees have to be borne by the customer. 
We will ship your order when we receive your payment.

b) Payment via PayPal (and/or Credit Card)

After you finish your order, you will receive a confirmation email, so you know we got your orderdetails etc. Within 24 H (maximum) you will recieve a "second email" with our PAYPAL details. Please do not pay upfront until you receive the excact amount and also remember that PayPal charges 1.9% (EU) or 3.9% (nonEU) (+ 0,36 cent) to the order total as handling fee that we have to add at your costs. After we have received the payment we will ship your order. - You can pay via your PAYPAL CREDIT or using your CREDIT CARD.

c) Invoice

Payment on invoice is possible after the 5th successful mail-order transaction and payable within 14 Days of Invoice Date.


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