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Our Label Releases (Discography)

Ok, her-story in a nutshell ... Ruin Nation started out in 1993 as a DIY "boxes under the bed" distro for (mostly) benefit tape sampler and pamphlets about and for military draft-resisters.

Soon the distro morphed into a more DIY punk orientated operation expanding the catalog and primarily distributing records from Nabate, Flat Earth, Tribal War, Havoc, Profane Existence, Active, NNNW and mostly Skuld Releases. With Kleister, the operator of Skuld Releases, we established a very close bond and friendship pretty early in the game and he was a massive inspiration.

Finally in 1996 we started to occasionally release records ourselves whenever we had enough inspiration to do so. It was more a pain in the ass than fun to be honest and releases were rarely.

Then, the focus of distribution changed around the beginning of the millennium towards the idea of becoming more of a record label with more regular and frequent releases. Some of them exclusive and some of them as joint release productions. To be continiued...
Ruin Nation Releases 1996 - 2020:
Cat No. Artist Title Format
BOLLOX 001 Anger of Bacterias Stop To Sorrow. LP
BOLLOX 002 Juggling Jugulars split w/ Anger Of Bacteria 7" EP 1998
BOLLOX 003 Scum Brigade untitled 7" Unreleased
BOLLOX 004 Anger of Bacterias Death Chants. LP 1998
BOLLOX 005 Diaspora Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolas. LP 1999
BOLLOX 006 Jeniger s/t. LP 2001
BOLLOX 007 Anger Of Bacterias split w/ Endrophobia. LP Unreleased
BOLLOX 008 14" General Heimat*Los digital 2021
BOLLOX 009 Lost World Everythings Said. LP 2004

Visions of War

split w/ Cop On Fire LP / CD 2005
BOLLOX 011 Evil XII XX LP / CD / MC 2006
BOLLOX 012 The Dagda An Endless Betrayal LP 2006
BOLLOX 013 Substandard Dis-count / Discography. LP 2007
BOLLOX 014 Detritus S/t. LP 2009
BOLLOX 015 Cross Stitched Eyes No. I 7" EP 2007
BOLLOX 016 Infekcja Kazdy Robotnik. LP / CD 2007
BOLLOX 017 Hevn Extended Plays + Demo. CD 2008
BOLLOX 018 Cross Stitched Eyes No. II "Faith2Farce" CD 2007
BOLLOX 019 Hellshock Shadows Of The Afterworld. LP 2009
BOLLOX 020 Zounds Discography. 2 x LP / CD 2011
BOLLOX 021 Makiladoras Niemandsland. 12" 2012
BOLLOX 022 Preying Hands Through The Dark. LP / CD 2009
BOLLOX 023 Vicious Irene Trash Your Future. 7" EP 2010
BOLLOX 024 The Autonomads No Mans Land. LP 2010
BOLLOX 025 Summon the Crows One More For The Gallows. LP 2011
BOLLOX 026 Juggling Jugulars 80 Million Barrels LP 2011
BOLLOX 027 Vicious Irene Distorted State Of Mind LP 2012
BOLLOX 028 Inner Terrestrials Tales Of Terror 2 x LP 2012
BOLLOX 030 Knuste Ruter Bruddstykker (Fractions) LP 2013
BOLLOX 031 The Autonomads One Day All This Will be Gone... LP / CD / DL 2014
BOLLOX 031.5 Skaven Discography digital only 2014
BOLLOX 032 Insitgators Nobody Listens Anymore LP 2015
BOLLOX 033 Instigators The Blood Is On Your Hands LP 2015
BOLLOX 034 Scum of Toytown Cells LP 2015
BOLLOX 035 Appalachian Terror Unit We Don't Need Them LP 2015
BOLLOX 036 Vicious Irene split w/ Vehemence LP 2016
BOLLOX 037 ExtinctExist Cursed Earth LP 2016
BOLLOX 038 Oi Polloi Saorsa LP 2017
BOLLOX 040 Voidfiller s/t. LP 2016
BOLLOX 041 Regret 3 Songs 7" 2016
BOLLOX 042 Grand Collapse Along The Dew LP 2016
BOLLOX 043 The Autonomads All Quiet On The Western Front 7" 2018
BOLLOX 044 Hellkrusher Human Misery LP 2017
BOLLOX 045 Civilised Society?

Violence Still Sucks!(Anthology)

2xCD 2019
BOLLOX 046 Akrasia First Demons: Birth Of The Void LP 2018
BOLLOX 047 Negativ Projections 12" 2018
BOLLOX 048 Morus Ciało Obce LP 2018
BOLLOX 049 Injured List LP LP TBA
BOLLOX 050 Vicious Irene Sacrifice LP 2019
BOLLOX 051 Akrasia Observe The Darkness E.P 7" 2019
BOLLOX 052 Disaffect Still Chained (Discography) 2xLP 2020
BOLLOX 053 Lái 来 Pontianak 12" 2020
BOLLOX 054 ExtinctExist Anthropocene LP 2021
BOLLOX 056 Cross Stitched Eyes Autosarcophagy MLP 2021
BOLLOX 057 Extinction Of Mankind Baptised In Shit LP 2021
BOLLOX 058 Aargh Fuck Kill Another Pair Of Eyes LP 2022
BOLLOX 059 Hiatus From Resignation ... LP 2022
BOLLOX 060 Korrupt Discography 2xLP TBC
BOLLOX 061 Jalang (a.k.a. Lái 来) Santau LP 2021
BOLLOX 062 Filth Of Mankind The Final Chapter 2xLP 2023
BOLLOX 063 Hiatus Out Of Hand LP/CD/MC 2023
BOLLOX 064 Cress Monuments LP 2023
Skuld Releases ...... was a german DIY punk/crust/thrash/grind label established in 1991. It was run by my friend Oliver "Kleister" Schmid until his accidental death in Spring of 2015. Kleister was a huge influence for me and the label made an massive impact on the 90'ties worldwide DIY punk scene. Skuld released material from a large number of independent bands at that time.

Since 2015 Skuld Releases' partner-label Ruin Nation Records continues the Skuld Releases' back catalog with permission of selected bands and artist.
Skuld Releases 1991 - 2015:
Cat No. Artist Title Format Year
SKULD 001 Slimy Venereal Diseases s/t. 7" 1991
SKULD 002 Contropotere Il Seme Della Devianza LP 1991
SKULD 003 Acid Rain Dance s/t. 7" 1991
SKULD 004 Slimy Venereal Diseases Second Vegetarian Disaster! ‎ 7" 1992
SKULD 005 Contropotere Solo Selvaggi‎ 7" 1992
SKULD 006 Raydead Machine Of Arrogance‎ 7" 1991
SKULD 007 Bad Influence New Age Witch Hunt‎ CD 1992
SKULD 007.5 Bad Influence Wake Up / Unacceptable‎ 7" 1992
SKULD 008 Acid Rain Dance Melting Resistance LP 1993
SKULD 009 Zygote 89-91 (Compilation) LP 1993
SKULD 010 Amebix The Power Remains LP 1993
SKULD 011 Anarcrust Coalescence LP 1991
SKULD 012 Fleas And Lice Parasites 7" 1993
SKULD 013 Hellkrusher Fields Of Blood 7" 1994
SKULD 014 Nausea Lie Cycle 7" 1994
SKULD 015 Luzifers Mob s/t. 7" 1993
SKULD 016 Graue Zellen split w/ Ναυτία LP 1994
SKULD 017 Dread Messiah Mind Insurrection 7" 1994
SKULD 018 Extinction Of Mankind Weakness 7" 1994
SKULD 019 Dirt Scent Of The Kill 7" 1994
SKULD 020 Misery Who's The Fool LP 1994
SKULD 021 Bad Influence Afterbirth 10" 1995
SKULD 022 Bleeding Rectum split w/ Fleas And Lice LP 1995
SKULD 023 Counterblast Prospects 7" 1995
SKULD 024 Accion Mutante Fear 7" 1995
SKULD 025 Extinction Of Mankind Baptised In Shit LP 1995
SKULD 026 Defiance No Future No Hope LP 1996
SKULD 027 Dirt Black & White 2xLP / 2xCD 1997
SKULD 028 Hiatus s/t. 12" 1996
SKULD 028 Hiatus s/t. 12" 1996
SKULD 029 Fleas And Lice split w/ Assrash 12" 1996
SKULD 030 Fleas And Lice Global Destruction 12" 1996
SKULD 031 Counterblast Balance Of Pain LP 1996
SKULD 032 Various Artist Whispers Complication 2xLP + 7" 1997
SKULD 033 Hellkrusher Doomsday Hour LP 1997
SKULD 034 Defiance No Time 7" 1997
SKULD 035 The System Thought Control LP 1997
SKULD 036 Lost World Capitalism Is The Disease 2x7" 1997
SKULD 037 Detestation s/t. LP 1998
SKULD 038 Accion Mutante Y No Hai Remedio 7" 1998
SKULD 039 Extinction of Mankind Scars Of Mankind 7" 1998
SKULD 040 Operation Frihet? LP 1998
SKULD 041 Post Regiment Tragiedia LP 1998
SKULD 042 Operation Destruktiv Utveckling 12" 1999
SKULD 043 Oi Polloi Fuaim Catha LP 1999
SKULD 044 Lost World Tod Aber Haltbar LP 1999
SKULD 045 Aus-Rotten ...And Now Back To Our Programming LP 1999
SKULD 046 Guts Pie Earhsot Wait LP / CD 1999
SKULD 047 Antiproduct The Deafening Silence ... 12" 1999
SKULD 048 Hellkrusher Victims Of Hate 7" 2000
SKULD 049 Re Sisters Riots Not Diets 7" 2000
SKULD 050 Protestera Kampen Gar Vidare LP 2000
SKULD 051 Kobayashi Sicherheitswahn 7" 2001
SKULD 052 Kafka Prosess Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike LP 2000
SKULD 053 Sin Dios 1991 - 1997 2xLP 2000
SKULD 054 Sin Dios Ingobernables LP 2001
SKULD 055 Fleas And Lice Recipes For Catastrophies LP 2001
SKULD 056 From Ashes Rise Silence LP 2001
SKULD 057 Aus-Rotten The Rotten Agenda LP 2001
SKULD 058 Jeniger s/t LP 2001
SKULD 059 Tragedy s/t LP 2001
SKULD 060 Harum Scarum Suppose We Try LP 2001
SKULD 061 From Ashes Rise s/t. LP 2002
SKULD 062 Protestera split w/ Sin Dios. (Unreleased) 7" TBA
SKULD 063 La Fraction Aussi Long Sera ... LP 2002
SKULD 064 Cress The Greed Machine And The Money Tree 2xLP 2002
SKULD 065 Ripcord Discography Part.1 LP 2002
SKULD 066 Amen 81 Mit 3 PS LP 2003
SKULD 067 Petrograd Nineoneone LP 2003
SKULD 068 Ripcord Discography Part.2 LP 2003
SKULD 069 Apatia No El Ruido De Antes ... LP / CD 2003
SKULD 070 Guts Ppie Earshot Exit CD 2003
SKULD 071 Tragedy Vengeance LP 2003
SKULD 072 Lunar Musik Mixes For Eclipses 2xLP 2003
SKULD 073 Hibernation Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow LP 2003
SKULD 074 Contravene A Call To Action LP 2004
SKULD 075 Protestera split w/ Apatia No 7" 2005
SKULD 076 Rawside Outlaw LP 2004
SKULD 077 Ripcord Discography Part.3 LP 2005
SKULD 078 Protestera Rock'N'Riot LP 2005
SKULD 079 Fleas And Lice Prepare For Armageddon LP 2005
SKULD 080 Saw Throat Inde$troy LP 2007
SKULD 081 Antidotum Testowane Na Ludziach LP 2007
SKULD 082 Cwill Trotz Allem LP 2008
SKULD 083 Dystopia s/t. LP 2008
SKULD 084 Protestera 01.05.1886 LP 2010
SKULD 085 Agrimonia s/t. LP 2008
SKULD 086 Agrimonia Host Of The Winged 2xLP 2010
SKULD 087 Cross Stitched Eyes Decomposition LP 2012
SKULD 088 Inner Terrestrials Tales Of Terror 2xLP 2012
SKULD 089 Countdown To Armageddon Through The Wires LP 2012
SKULD 090 Knuste Ruter Bruddstykker LP 2013
SKULD 091 Ictus Hambrientos De Un Sol Distinto LP 2013
SKULD 092 Skaven Discography LP 2014
SKULD 093 Instigators Nobody Listens Anymore LP 2015
SKULD 094 Instigators The Blood Is On Your Hands LP 2015
SKULD 095 Chaotic End In Front Of Paranoia LP 2015
SKULD 096 Appalachian Terror Unit We Don't Need Them LP 2015
SKULD 097 Scum of Toytown Cells LP 2015
Associated Ruin Nation Releases:
Cat No. Artist Title Format Year
CD 01 Cold Death 4 Song Demo. MC 2010
BOLLOX 4U2 In Iratus Fallen Lassen (Demo) CD 2008
BOLLOX 8U2 Largact.ill Saludos de mi estómago CD-R 2005
BOLLOX 2U2 Los Crudos Los Primeros gritos LP 1998
WC 0815 World Chaos Drink Positive. LP 2000