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HETZE - Until I Snap LPcol. (Green)


HETZE - Until I Snap LPcol. (Green)
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Without a doubt, Hetze are well-known in the European punk/fastcore underground. These people are releasing top-notch noise, and making a great performance on the stage (I was lucky to be a witness of that). Since 2021 they have been silent, but that is because they have been making “Until I Snap”, their second album… and must say this work impressed me. So what that quartet is proposing to us? It’s very simple, guys will serve the listeners with bloody good hardcore punk / fastcore sound execution!

The production is spot on, the final quality is damn good and pleasant! The vocals are completely savage, and the lyrics consist of serious topics, from problems of violence to social inequality and more. The bass punches and kicks hard. The waves of riffs attack you one by another. Same with the drums, they are extremely good… but to be honest, I can’t find any negative things here. Hetze just worked hard on this album, and the result is worth waiting for! And just in time Loner Cult rec released this LP, as you can see we have two color options, but both sound equally good! But don’t forget to play this full-length loud!

HETZE delivers a furious punk violence ass-whooping, truly living up to their social media description. With members hailing from the Belgian punk and death metal underground scene, their music is characterized by its frenetic energy, aggression, and an oddly captivating quality. To date, HETZE has released an LP titled Bedbugs in 2018, as well as two splits with DISMALFUCKER and TRAPPIST in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Until I Snap is their best outing, in my opinion, and it’s worth the listen. (MRR)


A1 . Trench Club
A2 . Cut Me Up
A3 . Brainwasher
A4 . Big Words
A5 . Troublemaker
A6 . Homesick
A7 . Leech
A8 . Left To Rot
B1 . Days Of Hate
B2 . Paint Gun
B3 . Chokehold
B4 . Trapped
B5 . Until I Snap
B6 . Ghost Whip
B7 . Apathy Kills
B8 . No Hope

Cat No.: n/a

Label: → Loner Cult

16,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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