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RIPCORD - Discography #1: Damage is Done / Defiance Of Power LP


RIPCORD - Discography #1: Damage is Done / Defiance Of Power LP
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This material has been out of print on vinyl for nearly 15 years. This is the shit, though it is nothing more than just a raw thrash attack. It contains all the tracks from their selfproduced flexi and their first album on Manic Ears. RIPCORD definded the english hardcore between 1984 and 1988. Along with HERESY, the STUPIDS, DOOM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, they were one of the best bands that England had to offer at that time when Cal had gotten his balls sewed on again and the technicolor punks from Kings Road became extinct.

RIPCORD, though from Weston-Super-Mare would have loved being a D.C. (TEEN IDOLS / G.I.) or Boston band (S.S.D. / D.Y.S.), but they were one of these bands that could easily outrival their paragons. Their greatest recording event was the John Peel Session (featured on the "More Songs" CD resp. later on the Discography Pt. 3 LP). The entire RIPCORD catalog was re-released on 3 vinyl LPs in cooperation with Epistrophy in 2002 with a repress in 2014. Steve Hazzard and John later joined SPITE, John and Jim formed DUMBSTRUCK. Steve, Baz and John later also played in VIOLENT ARREST while Jim joined EXTINCTION OF MANKIND.

A1-A9 originally released as The Damage Is Done E.P. flexi on Raging Records. Recorded at Diamond Demo's Studio, Bristol 25/5/1986. Rerecorded and remixed at Emergency Plus Studios, Bristol 31/5/1986. A10-B11 originally released as Defiance Of Power MLP on Manic Ears. Recorded at Sam Studio, Bristol March 1987.


A01 . Furder
A02 . Empty Faces
A03 . Armchair Critic
A04 . Thatchula
A05 . Eve Of The End
A06 . Single Ticket To Hell
A07 . State Of Emergency
A08 . Kiss Of Death
A09 . Lies Lies Lies
A10 . Abuse
A11 . Lucky Ones
A12 . You Don't Care
B01 . Eternal Tomb
B02 . False Prophecies
B03 . Ignorant
B04 . Drugshit
B05 . Live By The Bomb... Die By The Bomb
B06 . Furder
B07 . Bllind Eye
B08 . Wicked
B09 . Viviseccion - Tortura Innecessaria
B10 . Defiance Of Power
B11 . Prisoners

Cat No.: SKULD 065

Label: → Skuld Releases

12,00 €

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FLOWER - Hardly A Dream LP (US IMPORT)

FLOWER’s tedious approach to writing/creating/drawing their debut LP was carefully thought out and the result is a monumental anarcho punk /crust record. “Hardly A Dream” Takes us on a bleak journey through dark side of society. As soon as you drop the needle a dark atmosphere is immediately created with a slow intro featuring arpeggio guitar work that builds into pummeling d-beat crust. The albums vocals then leave you with a feeling of being crushed by the ever-present weight of living through our modern world of late capitalism that was built on the falsehoods of the so called American dream, religious hypocrisy’s, nationalism, and the greed of humankind.

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STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.2 LP

STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.2 LP

As outlined in the Vol. 1 description, State of Fear had set out on a hardcore path widely copied but never matched throughout 1994-1996. It’s in this period that they attempt their first full length LP which although marred by recording issues and personnel changes, would go on to be regarded by most as a contender for one of the best LPs of 1990’s in the hardcore punk genre. Volume 2 is this stand-alone LP by the band and features the original artwork of Marald who has also gone on to a famed career in the fine art world, this includes a large 4 page booklet with all lyrics included, and an A2 poster. Did I mention that both Vol. 1 and 2 have been remastered by Jack Control for the highest sound quality possible? These are definitive documents of one of the best hardcore bands to exist.

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F.O.T.K. (Fear Of The Known) ‎– Cabal 7

F.O.T.K. (Fear Of The Known) ‎– Cabal 7" + Flexi 7"

International "Home-Office" Project recorded at several places during the Covid19 Pandemic. Featured here are Steve Allen (Disorder) and Andy Lefton (War/Plague) on Guitars, Tom Radio (Frustration) on Bass Guitar, Yuji Kawaguchi (Rose Rose) on Drums and Kaos (Chaos UK) on vocal duties. As I am a die hard Chaos UK fan and love them in every period of their existence, I was really flattered hearing Kaos ranting again. Here you get 5 own compositions plus two covers. Musically this is far from their original bands. More mid tempo driven loud and heavy punk rock that is very hard to categorise. I like it a lot. Lyrically dealing with a lot of topics relevant to the current madness among idiot people sniffing conspiracy theories everywhere.

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ACC▄SED, THE - Baked Tapes LP

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Baked Tapes: Rare And Previously Unreleased Splatter Rock - Coming from Seattle, USA THE ACC▄SED is one of the most famous raw Hardcore, Crossover bands active since the very Early Eighties, together with acts like UNITED MUTATION, SEPTIC DEATH, D.R.I., ... they prepared ground for brutal music. This happened in the "Good Old Days", in times when the Underground scene was very small and fast,aggressive sound was unknown to most of the music fans.

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KIAL? - Gen de Violencia LP

KIAL? - Gen de Violencia LP

KIAL? are a Raw Punk, Crust band located in Britanny, France, although their members mainly are from France (BAKOUNINE, USA LA TUA RABBIA) some of them originally are from Colombia. "Gen De Violencia" is the first full album of the band, before they only had a demo (tape) which also made it onto a 7" EP, if you are familiar with the label BURNING ANGER and the bands released on it you will know what to expect: raw and distorted Punk, Crust, Noise to the max. Only for the hearing impaired !!!

13,90 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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