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BURY THE LIVING - All the News That Fit to Scream LP

BURY THE LIVING - All the News That Fit to Scream LP
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Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding blast beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse shouting vocals resonate full bore, double barrel, no holds barred political lyrics. Straight forward in overall attack, Memphis, Tennessee´s BURY THE LIVING´s second full length LP´s 21 tracks are filled with enough dark twists, experimentation and pulling from diverse influences within the Hardcore formula-from blast beat mid ´90´s hardcore to SXE hardcore to late ´80´s experimentation with rock formulas within the hardcore format to fit well as their Prank Debut. Recorded in Memphis with Jason Potter last spring, "All The News That´s Fit To Scream" is an old school ´80´s ´Reagan-Era´ hardcore pairing of urgent lyrics with urgent music, but not miring in nostalgia but updating for even darker times. Limited copies on white vinyl. "If You don´t weigh in, You don´t Rassle"!

Label: → Prank Records

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Now only: 5,95 €

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After well received demo recording and long long wait MARKSMAN released their first full length 2014. Probably one of the most promising and diverse acts of the new wave of Polish hardcore. Marksman's music is somewhere on the border of hardcore/post-metal and emocore but with a lot of punk anger and melody. Their full of passion live acts don't leave you unconcerned and this record being refined in every aspect - from recording to the artwork - is also haunting.

10,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)
ACAO DIRETA - Revolta / Repuido / Confronto / Resistencia LP+7

ACAO DIRETA - Revolta / Repuido / Confronto / Resistencia LP+7"

Angry & furious metal tinged brasilian HcPunk with a very powerful and authentic production. 14 songs of energetic Hc with raspy male vocals, rhythmic drumming and songstructures that show a lot of songwriting skills. The songs itself have a lot of variations from slow and melodic to very fast parts, but always direct and straight in your face and never bioring which is quite unusual those days ...

Our previous price: 9,50 €
Now only: 7,14 €
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International, UK based Anarcho-Punk-Dub project with their posthumous released 6 song album. There is not much information about the band nor what happened or why they broke up. Fact is, this is pretty good, angry, powerful punk rock with heaps of dub and hardcore. Fans of the more modern UK anarchy punk will rave about this one for sure. Excellent stuff!

10,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)


Between closed mines, abandoned factories and grey buildings rises DELETÄR. The city of St Etienne has been home of one of the most active french local punk scene for several decades. DELETÄR is one of the very few d-beat acts coming from the hexagone. This is their first album, get ready for 10 tracks of pummeling d-beat hardcore in the likes of TOTALITÄR, SKITKIDS, HERÄTYS and the likes, with some slight stadium rock to Burning Spirits elements. DELETÄR is made of current en ex members of LITIGE, STATE POISON, VOMIT FOR BREAKFAST, MOMS ON METH … It has been recorded and mixed their practice space and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Corelease with DELETÄR’s drummer Befa label Kick Rock. Comes with a great artwork by GG Ranskalaiset.

12,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)
INSTITUTE - Two Shadows LP

INSTITUTE - Two Shadows LP

Restock! This is not the usual HC thing. Neurosis could be one hint, but it's way more than this! Slow crunching guitars, throaty vocals and more than anything, smples - both vocals and noise. Quite disturbing but very powerful, and really worth getting! Long sold out but we got our hands on a few copies of this one - so be fast!

9,50 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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