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EX-DOM - s/t. LP

HR 063

EX-DOM - s/t. LP
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EX-DOM - s/t. LP

Fierce and raging hardcore punk from Bremen (Germoney) featuring a motley crew of punks from Bogotá (Columbia) as well as some Bremen local looser (and boozers) who, with their combined punk powers, produced a range of full on and in your face punk rock smashers with a golden "Tuppa Tuppa Sello" ("Ufta, Ufta Siegel") and a roaring mix of classic Columbian Punk meets snotty blunt 80'ties Deutsch-Punk... sounds crazy? Oh yes please!

This album contains both Demo Tapes. The 2021 "Extincion de Dominio" and the 2022 "Zwangsvollstreckung" Tape on Abfall Records. Both have been sold out immediately and now thanks to Lenin and Hasiok see a limited vinyl release.


Limited to 250 copies on multicolored Vinyl.


Extincion de Dominio (2021)
A1 . Desesperanza
A2 . Keine Zeit
A3 . Alles Lüge
A4 . Aussenseiter
A5 . Presas
A6 . Justicia y Paz
A7 . Crecimiento Económico
Zwangsvollstreckung (2022)
B1 . Devastación/Verwüstung
B2 . Immer in der Ecke
B3 . Krieg
B4 . Massengrab Mittelmeer
B5 . Pilares
B6 . Kalt

Cat No.: HR 063

Label: → Hasiok Records

16,00 €

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