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EX-DOM – En La Mira LP

HR 068

EX-DOM – En La Mira LP
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Ex-Dom from Bremen come back with a new album. After two demos, it's finally time for a studio album and six brand new songs and three re-recorded. The new songs might move a tiny bit away from the "Deutschpunk de Colombia" metaphor but still "in your face" and the "Uffta Uffta Seal" ist just called "Tuppa Tuppa Sello" now... Genre insiders will understand!

Recorded by Mommers in December 2023 and Mixed by Tim Shapland (of Cross Stitched Eyes, Smartpils, Zygote, Moorat Fingers etc) in January 2024. Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Mastering
Cover & Insert Artwork by Mateo Correal


A1 . En La Mira
A2 . Indomable Ente
A3 . Angustias
A4 . Paradigmas
B1 . Parßlisis Del Espectador
B2 . Obediencia Artificial
B3 . Devastaciˇn
B4 . Pilares
B5 . Guerra Krieg

Cat No.: HR 068

Label: → Hasiok Records

15,00 €

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