CONTORTURE - No Sanctuary LP


CONTORTURE - No Sanctuary LP
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CONTORTURE - No Sanctuary LP

Gothenburg d-beat fuzzy noise manglers delivers their second LP, 18 new furious tunes of freedom and resistance. Full fuzz distroted guitars on top of a raw and brutal d-beated drumming and the mad growled harsh vocals that sets a mark for these mangeling sisters from GBG.

With hearts that goes dup-a-dup-u-da and a feminist fury, CONTORTURE are here to mess up your view of what punk is all about. Co-Released with PROFANE EXISTENCE (US) and PHOBIA RECORDS (CZ).


A1 . Uterusapart
A2 . Witches
A3 . Integration
A4 . Killer Look
A5 . Cut Every Wire
A6 . Love In A Hopeless Place
A7 . Plastic Wasteland
A8 . 128Ⓐ
A9 . Commitment Issues
B1 . Die
B2 . Hating In Plain Sight
B3 . 1/4
B4 . First World Problems
B5 . Black Water
B6 . Sisters In Arms
B7 . Locust
B8 . Makes Me Wanna Vomit
B9 . No Crisis But Law

Cat No.: N.E.R.052

Label: → Not Enough

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