DOMESTICS - Routine and Ritual (Orange Vinyl) LP


DOMESTICS - Routine and Ritual (Orange Vinyl) LP
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Reissue in Colored Vinyl! THE DOMESTICS are at the forefront of the new breed of hardcore punk spewing out of East Anglia (E.A. Hardcore as the faithful are calling it) – the region that gave birth to Extreme Noise Terror, Raw Noise and The Stupids to name but a few. Mixing elements from the best of the U.S. (Poison Idea, Black Flag, Out Cold, Limp Wrist, Green Beret), Japan (Gauze, Warhead, Kreigshög) and the UK (Discharge, Chaos UK, Violent Reaction), The Domestics end up sounding fresh through the breadth of their influences.

The first pressing of this LP sold out a couple of years ago and, following repeated enquiries as to whether it would ever be repressed, here is a second press on transluscent orange vinyl!

Full of hate, hope and hooks (memorable songs and hardcore can go together – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). Socially aware lyrics tackling frustration, depression, cultural and sub-cultural norms and more add to a album that demands repeated plays – this ain’t no ‘play it and file it’ record.

Limited to 330 copies on translucent orange vinyl.


A1 . Intro
A2 . Shut Down
A3 . Wrong
A4 . Fuck Your War ( feat: Dean Jones from E.N.T.)
A5 . Diet Time
A6 . Get Fucked
A7 . Punk Points
A8 . Nerve Damage
B1 . Orchestrate Your Pose
B2 . Pills
B3 . Chest Pains
B4 . A Pox on this Life
B5 . Life Stinks, We're Fucked
B6 . Commodify Our Love
B7 . Nothing Factory II

Cat No.: KR-081

Label: → Kangaroo Records

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