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Very interesting new band from Poland with an very odd name. Not only their name is odd but so is the music on this album but I am literally blown away by it. It sometimes sounds like the impending doom is lurking just around the corner, clouding up the skies... when in the next song they take you on a groggy but doom laden acid trip! This is so fantastic! I try to translate the polish info below but seriously... one of the records you should have. Very unlike their regular albums I must say and I would stick to this one... anyway here we go:

" This new album of SCHRÖTTERSBURG contains material that was created in a very short time from the recording of the previous album "Dalet". Unable to participate in concerts during the lockdown, the musicians hid in their rehearsal room and began experimenting, using various instruments they had not used so far (including Sheet-metal, Kalimba, Oil Barrels, Djembe, Karatala, Aztec whistle death); and by making use of them, they enriched their existing sounds, which opened them even more to bolder exploration of new sonic regions, sometimes significantly different from their previous style.

Here, the new wave is only a starting point, a conventional convention from which the band starts, only to escape to other regions in a moment, leaving a lot of space, for example, for the musical tradition of India or the Middle East. On this disc, the marriage of their music with Psychedelia, Krautrock is even clearer, and the emphasis is even stronger on building the composition in the spirit of industrial aesthetics.

Limited edition of 300 copies.
Insert with original Polish lyrics and the English translations.


A1 . I
A2 . II
A3 . III
B4 . IV
B5 . V
B6 . VI

Cat No.: n/a

Label: → Trujaca Fala / N.I.C.

13,90 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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FILTH OF MANKIND - The Final Chapter 2xLP (Remastered)

An legendary classic of 90'ties Polish CRUST is finally back in black. FILTH OF MANKIND not only took their name from an early MISERY song but also managed to put a ton of more heaviness on top of the already crushing MISERY sound and developed a soundtrack of moody, ultra heavy and atmospheric CRUST with heaps of Death Metal. The impending doom was never put into a crust punk album with more accuracy. Now, after more then 16 years since it's last vinyl reissue, this masterpiece is finally available again faithfully remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

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AFTERMATH – Garbage Day 10″ LP

AFTERMATH – Garbage Day 10″ LP

Debut release from the stenchcore act from Umeå, Sweden. AFTERMATH does include members from band such as Misantropic, Personkrets 3:1, Disconvenience, Epidemics, Acid Blood and Scum Crusade. Think Swordwielder and Plague Thirteen and you sort of get the point.

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(Ex)members of POLICE BASTARD, DECLARATION OF WAR, DOOM and more team up here for this six tracks of extremely heavy and crushing Death/Doom/Crust/Sludge featuring Karl Willets from Bolt Thrower/Memorian on guest vocals!

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FLUX - One Sided 12

FLUX - One Sided 12"

Debut album for this relatively new band from Wroclaw (members from Infekcja, Stregesti, Zatrata). Noise/Space punk/hardcore for apocalyptic times!!! One sided LP and silk screen on B side + Poster!!! Recommended!!

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IRREAL - Fi Del Mon LP

IRREAL - Fi Del Mon LP

IRREAL from Barcelona surprised us last year with a 6 track Demo tape of crude Hardcore which saw the band playing loads both local and internationally. The line up was made up of Barcelona punk scene stalwarts (NUEVA FUERZA, DESTINO FINAL, BARCELONA, ANARQUIA VERTICAL, UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE) which were not new to writing razor sharp riffs and impossibly catchy yet aggressive beats so their song writing and live performances lived up to the expectations. 2019 saw the band facing guitar player changes and with a new line up they entered studio with Dani Frutos to record the 9 songs on Fi Del Mon. 9 tracks or urgent hardcore punk continuing the tradition of modern Barcelona Hardcore while keeping and eye in Finish hardcore and which are not afraid to turn the speed down to a pace that could bring to mind mid paced DISCHARGE or CRO-MAGS. The riffs are thick and crunchy, full of feedback and distortion, backed by a solid rhythm section and a assertive Catalan voice which makes sure to enunciate every syllable breathing some fresh air to an otherwise stale scene.

14,90 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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