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SOCIAL EXPERIMENT - Everything Is Connected To ... LPcol. (UK IMPORT)


SOCIAL EXPERIMENT - Everything Is Connected To ... LPcol. (UK IMPORT)
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"Everything Is Connected To Everything Else" South Wales anarchists Social Experiment are back with their latest offering, the 2nd LP released December 2021.

Picking up from their previous album, Social Experiment release another bout of socio-political messages. This time round there is a touch more of a melodic twist, but they still retain a heavy hardcore punk sound. Above all, the ranting nature of the vocal delivery still dominates the sound.

The cover by Welly Artcore is also striking, with dramatic cave art motifs adorning a burning eclipse. Combined with the “viking” font, there is a definite pagan feel to the record. A city skyline imposed over cave art accompanies the lyrics. However, Social Experiment are very much in the here and now. They report back on an economic system that is destroying people and planet, a society that is full of hatred, intolerance and cruelty. The album takes us through a series of wrongs that, as the title says, are all connected.

This album has something of a “big sound” to it, which will have been helped by being mastered at the Blasting Room by Jason Livermore (the studio he co-owns with Bill Stevenson of Descendents, All and Black Flag fame). That said, this doesn’t play down the band’s ability to craft good songs that flow properly. (Nathan Brown)

Cracking LP of hardcore punk, they've definitely upped the game from their last LP (which was also pretty good to be fair!) Heavyweight orange vinyl with gatefold sleeve, comes with free download.


A1 . Take A Look Around
A2 . I Don't Like Your Attitude
A3 . Stockholm Syndrome
A4 . System Failure
A5 . Same Shit, Different Day
A6 . State Of Affairs
B1 . Destitution
B2 . Fashion Accessory
B3 . Thank You Fuck You
B4 . Time Waits For No One
B5 . Social Experiment
B6 . Drinking After The Bell

Cat No.: UVLPEE84

Label: → Urinal Vinyl

15,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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Excellent split LP between 2 fantastic bands, CRESS and BUFF. One side each, crust/anarcho punk legends CRESS giving us their usual quality tuneage and lyrical content, backed up with Manchester space punks BUFF and their raging weird blend of anarchy punk, dub and HAWKWIND. Both bands perfectly complement each other, pleased to be involved with this, great to have some quality punk with a bit of a different flavour, highly rate both bands!

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BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust LPcol. (UK IMPORT)

BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust LPcol. (UK IMPORT)

I have to admit that this album floored me. As much as I like Bad Sam (a band which includes a number of Welsh punk veterans from the likes of CCOWBOY KILLERS, DUB WAR, and FOUR LETTER WORD) I just hadn’t expected to be on the receiving end of such an outright winner when first listening to the band’s second long player. Bad Sam sounds quite a bit like any number of Jello Biafra collaborations and it’s no surprise, really, given that Dean Beddis has occasionally been compared to Biafra in terms of his vocals. However, where Beddis channels the same anger and vitriol as his American counterpart, he steers clear of the more verbose and erudite approach favored by Biafra, tending towards a delivery which avoids preamble and goes straight for the throat. The lyrics hit the spot throughout with the likes of “Dicks with Dogs” (attacking the trend for owning aggressive dogs) and “Snake with Tits” (about Margaret Thatcher) being delivered with a simplicity that complements the fury they contain. This is backed up by a hardcore punk sound with the odd moment of metal, all based around some massive riffs that make for a tight and raucous outcome, perfectly suited to accompany the messages being communicated and thus helping to make this one of the best punk rock records of the year. Rich Cocksedge / Razorcake

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