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As 2017—aka the Year of the Cloud Rat—marches on and the horrors all around us continue to intensify, aggressive, cathartic music remains one of the few things we can count on to provide an escape. The US-Midwestern grind sweethearts in Cloud Rat are well aware of the necessity of creation during the darkest of days, and have lined up a shit-hot bevy of releases for 2017. Just out: a new split with Dutch/German powerviolence punks Crevasse.

I've really been enjoying the way the band has been toying with unexpected sounds and whole new genres on their recent releases, from the synth goth vibe of Amber Flush to the appearance of their surprisingly melodic, riot grrrl-tinged, clean sung cover of Electric Deads' number "Fish in a Pool" on this new split with Crevasse. Cloud Rat has never stuck to a singular sound, but it's still a delight to see them stretch their legs a bit and kick down a few new walls.

Crevasse, on the other hand, are sworn to a particularly pummeling blend of hardcore, powerviolence, d-beat, and doom that treads heavily, and only takes two or three minutes to pack a serous wallop. The Dutch/German transnational quartet channel their fury into bite-sized chunks of metallic, filthy shrapnel that fit perfectly alongside Cloud Rat's grinding rat-a-tats resulting in wonderfully complementary and wholly uncompromising pairing.

Cat No.: CONTRA #68

Label: → Contraszt

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FLUX - One Sided 12

FLUX - One Sided 12"

Debut album for this relatively new band from Wroclaw (members from Infekcja, Stregesti, Zatrata). Noise/Space punk/hardcore for apocalyptic times!!! One sided LP and silk screen on B side + Poster!!! Recommended!!

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JARADA - s/t. LP (Restock)

JARADA - s/t. LP (Restock)

Restocked! - JARADA from Tel Aviv / Haifa formed in 2017 and play very heavy and raw political hc/punk with lyrics in hebrew. JARADA means anxiety in hebrew and this is their debut LP. Their sound reminds of early israeli punkbands like NEKHEI NAATZA or DIR YASSIN. On the LP you'll find 13 songs with influences from NEGATIVE APPROACH to THE REPOS as well as elements of hardcore, punk and fastcore - yet still in a very own style. The bandmembers of JARADA are also active in a lot of other bands from Tel Aviv, e.g. SWEATSHOP BOYS, DELFIN, THE ORIONS and GHOST SPELL. Check this record out or you'll miss some very good stuff! Unfortunately no lyric translations but you can pick those up on the bandcamp page!

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Now only: 5,00 €
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After there more than awesome debut 7”, here is the first full-length of this hyper speed HC band from Holland. The band combines the best of 80’s U.K. HC with the fastness of the Dutch Thrash sounds (think: Lärm, Seein’ Red, Ripcord, Heresy, Tense Reaction, Gewoon Fucking raggen, …) - On top of it there are the ripping female vocals that spits out 16 political and caring lyrics. A topnotch album that needs to be heard!

15,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)
BRATAKUS - Target Grrrl LP (Vinyl)

BRATAKUS - Target Grrrl LP (Vinyl)

The Scots Riot Grrrl sisters Breagha (Guitar) and Onnagh (Bass) Cuinn; are back with a full length debut album of gnarly punk rock drawing on a range of hardcore and punk influences from Minor Threat to Bikini Kill. - "Target Grrrl" contains 10 extremely snotty, abrasive and angry punkrock songs with political charged lyrics and quite raw energy behind it all. One guitars, one bass and a fast galloping drum-machine going bad ass here …

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UTANFÖRSKAPET ‎– Skärvor Från Livet 7

UTANFÖRSKAPET ‎– Skärvor Från Livet 7"

Four new tracks from Utanförskapet (members of UNCURBED), and this is total brilliance when it comes to making some killer d-beat raw mangel tunes. Raging furiosity and social despair is what we could get packaged in this one. As it's been talking about "members of" in so many contents, I'd like to say that the ”former” Uncurbed would say a lot to what you can expect here. Soundwise like their 90:ties era, total excellence.

5,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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