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CR 50

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This is not bad... Well, I was never a big fan of N.A. or let´s say I didn´t care too much about them. After their reunion and on their recent tour we played 3 times with them and singer Kirsten was a very nice person. Reminds me to a female version of Deek of Oi Polloi. It was kinda funny how I realised that I knew nearly every song even though, as I said, i never paid too much attention to them.

The band was / is still outstanding in their style of US Anarcho Punk, even back in the day they were very unusual compared to all the other bands like Aus Rotten, Mankind?, Pist, etc. N.A.´s Singer had a very typical style of regular singing instead of just yelling out the words. Lots of vocal harmonies, very melodical bits between the harsh raw punkrock. Lyrically, they were always really cheesy, but so was nearly all of us during that time, right? "Smash your TV", stuff like that.

Here you have 4 brand new songs, still in the old style of straight raging anarcho punkrock and err... still a bit cheesy lyrix again, but maybe it´s good to have bands like this to inspire some kids to do things? It´s a pretty good powerfull production as well - either you love it or you hate it.

The flip side has Duesseldorf's (Germany) oldest semi Anarcho Punkrockers DSS which won´t die and are on the best way to become a German version of the UK SUBS (huh?) and I really can´t write that much as I´m really not really into them (sorry Armin) even if they are decent people. Musically it´s solid Punk Rock with German and English lyrix that offer semi political and personal lyrix. Not bad here, but it still doesn't grab too much attention from my side. Hey, to credit the cover-artwork wrong is a crime in this case as everybody can see that it's a Clifford Harper woodcut! Doh!

Cat No.: CR 50

Label: → Campary Records

8,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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