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A.Y.S. ADMIT YOU'RE SHIT - Someplace Special CD


A.Y.S. ADMIT YOU'RE SHIT - Someplace Special CD
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Just another anarcho-punk band with a lot to say and little talent to express it... is not in the slightest bit true of AYS.

AYS technically came out of the same 80s anarcho-punk scene but they have little in common. They play a brutal combination of US hardcore (including a cover of the Minor Threat classic "In My Eyes"!) with anti-political vocals that keep you awake at night. And they do a pretty good job of it too!

It's a quick CD at under 40 minutes with 17 tracks but it's absolutely phenomonal. The bulk of the CD is composed of 11 parts of "someplace special" that have some ludicrously quick punk parts with ranting vocals but shows a great deal of technical ability with a pretty good production quality. As for some standout tracks: the whole thing! I guarantee you'll come back again and again to this CD that manages to play fast and well without merging metal or any other UK82 features into the sound. I've never heard anything remotely like it and the US influences show just as much as their UK ones. There are some nerves fraying (from Ian Glasper's "The Day the Country Died") about the lead singer being an open racist but this REALLY isn't represented in what is a sublime release!

If you like punk of any variety I'd thoroughly recommend this CD without question. It's unique, highly listenable and has some truly brutal music to boot! Expect no mercy in what is one of the most under-represented and under-appreciated punk releases ever!

As a really sad fact i have to add that the singer of AYS came far off the track (after the band split up) and joined the british BNP (British National Party)... where he still poisons minds to this day.

Cat No.: MORTCD027

Label: → Mortarhate

Our previous price: 8,00 €
Now only: 4,76 €

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A final repress of the mid ninties classic Skuld release of Portland's DETESTATION. An absolutel classic of nineties anarcho-hardcore punk that sounds like a mix between Nausea & Sacrilege with some influences from old Swedish bands and highly angry socio-political lyrics.

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NATIONS ON FIRE - Death Of The Pro-Lifer LP (Reissue)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Death Of The Pro-Lifer LP (Reissue)

Re-release of their farewell album, originally released in 1995 by Genet Records on LP and Conquer The World Records on CD (as well as one of the first cassette releases on Refuse). This material was recorded over the years 1993-1995 after significant personnel changes. Edward took over vocal duties completely (also the guitar). The album contains 15 tracks, of which four are recorded live in Cologne, Germany. The theme for this album is the women’s right to choose. Part of the Straight Edge HC scene at that time was inspired by the right-wing pro-life movement and anti-choice tendencies were being espoused in the scene. With this record, the band took a stand supporting a pro-choice attitude. And although discussions about the issue of abortion have expired within the scene, the subject matter is still present in mainstream politics within many countries where there are recent attempts to limit women's rights. Other songs address the problem of nationalism (which resulted in Balkan war), racism or environmental degradation. Now the 2nd full length from this crucial political straight edge hardcore band from Belgium is available again after 24 years! It’s still inspiring with their pro-choice, anti-nationalist, anti-homophobic, anti-religion message. Remastering by Smok (Studio As One).

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NO PROBLEM – Let God Sort Em Out LP

NO PROBLEM – Let God Sort Em Out LP

Standing on the precipice of a damaged world circling the drain, Edmonton Punks NO PROBLEM are set to figuratively “kill ’em all” with the release of LET GOD SORT EM OUT, their ambitious third studio album out on TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS.

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Now only: 9,52 €
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Open Wounds' “Invaders” brings you that classic no-nonsense early 80’s North American hardcore punk sound. 14 catchy songs filled with energy, anger and a good dose of melody. Packed in beautiful surreal SciFi artwork created by the great artist Bill Hauser. This record will make you sing-a-long, stage dive from your couch and circle pit around your kitchen chairs. If you dig classic bands like Minor Threat, Jerry’s Kids, Government Issue, Offenders, Urban Waste, Circle Jerks, CIA, The Abused, Negative Approach, YOT, Gorilla Biscuits but also modern classics such as Career Suicide, Government Warning and Direct Control then this is definitely your cup of tea!

12,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)
CONTEMPT - Who Needs Diplomacy? CD

CONTEMPT - Who Needs Diplomacy? CD

Contempt play mid tempo - fast anarcho punk rock, with political lyrics covering issues such as war, poverty, human rights, animal rights, anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-capitalism. "Who Needs Diplomacy?" is their new 15 track album.

7,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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