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This LP is a pairing of two raging anarcho-punk powerhouses. @PATIA NO hail from Caracas, Venezuela, and they’ve been very active for a number of years now, not just in the DIY punk scene, with quite a few records under their belts, but also in the activist movement. They are definitely a band who believes in putting the politics back into punk. Their sound is sort of heavy hardcore punk with a bit of a crusty edge, with frantic drumming, male & female vocals, and tons of rage, anger, passion and sincerity. On the other side of the record is Salt Lake City, UT’s own ALL SYSTEMS FAIL, another fiercely anarchist hardcore punk band, a bit faster paced, a bit more upbeat, and with a touch of rock n roll in there. The songs are really catchy and loaded with hooks that keep your head bobbing along. And no one could dare say these guys are lacking in anger, passion, or sincerity. This whole record is great, but the ALL SYSTEMS FAIL side is really fucking great, and has been receiving a lot of turntable time in my house lately. The record itself is pressed on grey vinyl, and comes with a nice fold out insert with lyrics, and the cover and insert art are done by Dave Trenga of BEHIND ENEMY LINES and AUS-ROTTEN. (PE)

Label: → Deviance

10,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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LEADERSHIT - Discography CD

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LEFT FOR DEAD from the UK delivering 10 pogo punkrock tracks including "Fuck your Authority" in a new recorded version.

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