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FLOWER - Hardly A Dream LP (US IMPORT)


FLOWER - Hardly A Dream LP (US IMPORT)
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FLOWER - Hardly A Dream LP (US IMPORT)

The long awaited debut LP from NYC’s FLOWER “Hardly A Dream” has finally arrived after being stuck at the customs for ages!

FLOWER’s tedious approach to writing/creating/drawing their debut LP was carefully thought out and the result is a monumental anarcho punk /crust record. “Hardly A Dream” Takes us on a bleak journey through dark side of society. As soon as you drop the needle a dark atmosphere is immediately created with a slow intro featuring arpeggio guitar work that builds into pummeling d-beat crust. The albums vocals then leave you with a feeling of being crushed by the ever-present weight of living through our modern world of late capitalism that was built on the falsehoods of the so called American dream, religious hypocrisy’s, nationalism, and the greed of humankind.

FLOWER take many cues from predecessors and are most often (and rightfully so) compared to NAUSEA but they also take a heavy influence from ANTISECT, SACRILEGE & other greats. The artwork has a very RUDIMENTARY PENI feel and the record comes with an amazing 24.5 X 34.75 CRASS style poster jacket. All art work was meticulously hand drawn and overseen by the guitarist Willow in true DIY style and spirit.

649 copies pressed on black vinyl by PROFANE EXISTENCE


A1 . Lethargy
A2 . Victims Of Progress
A3 . Retribution
A4 . Pillar Of Salt
A5 . Parasite
A6 . American Alms
B1 . Divided
B2 . Rapture
B3 . The Contrarian
B4 . Filth Of Their Confines
B5 . Left Hand Of Darkness
B6 . Breaking The Spell

Cat No.: EXIST 185

Label: → Profane Existence

Temporarily Unavailable / Momentan Ausverkauft

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D.O.A. – Hardcore 81 LP (40th Anniversary Ltd.) LP

The European version of one of the most important albums in the history of the hardcore/punk. DOA are godfathers and pioneers of the hardcore scene in Canada and notoriously known for traveling everywhere possible with their trusty and (probably. rusty) old Van. Their DIY spirit was so influential to many other young and freshly formed bands and span a whole scene in the US and also Europe because DOA continued to tour in places almost no other band did at that time. Including the "eastern block".

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LÁI 来 - Pontianak LP+MP3

LÁI 来 - Pontianak LP+MP3

Lái 来 forged an absolute menacing fusion of raging swedish d-beat and manic old school hardcore punk. Imagine G.L.O.S.S. on a rampage with TOTALITÄR. Based in Melbourne, Australia the Band is made up by members of the mighty Pisschrist, UBIK, Masses, Ritual Blood and ExtinctExist. With lyrics sung in Bahasa Indonesian as well as English, Lái explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia and the diaspora.The name of the band is taken from a Chinese Mandarin phrase meaning 'to come/next.' and Lái invoke these diasporic identities and themes through punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict in the world around us.

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BANNLYST – Mřrk Tid 7

BANNLYST – Mřrk Tid 7" EP

Today the postie made my little heart jump because of this latest release on Norwegian Leather. A new BANNLYST EP, not a re-release! Two and a half unheard songs from 1985. The lost final recordings before the members started moving away from Molde. The tape with these recordings was found when a band member moved, and now finally released on vinyl. Totally classic Norwegian Hardcore Punk.

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DEFORMED CONSCIENCE - The Hagen Days 1991-1004 2xLP

DEFORMED CONSCIENCE - The Hagen Days 1991-1004 2xLP

Restock! - DEFORMED CONSCIENCE were a crust band that came out of Connecticut in the 90's. They were fast and brutal with manic dual vocals. This is a 2xLP collection of material from many of their releases including songs from the Split EP's with Scourge, 3-Way Cum and Terminal Disgust, 'No Excuse for Suffering' Demo Tape, 'S/T' EP, 'Constant Strife' EP, and miscellaneous compilation tracks. Members of this band went on to form such bands as State of Fear, React, Calloused, Hail of Rage, Shitlist, Inhaste and many others!!

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