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BANNLYST – Mørk Tid 7" EP


BANNLYST – Mørk Tid 7
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BANNLYST – Mørk Tid 7 BANNLYST – Mørk Tid 7

Today the postie made my little heart jump because of this latest release on Norwegian Leather. A new BANNLYST EP, not a re-release! Two and a half unheard songs from 1985. The lost final recordings before the members started moving away from Molde. The tape with these recordings was found when a band member moved, and now finally released on vinyl. Totally classic Norwegian Hardcore Punk.

Released in cooperation with CEASE FIRE! The label that released the crazy awesome MOLDE PUNX 2×LP.

If you live in Norway, please order from Cease Fire! - Tak!

Nerd talk and Wholesale of this and many more amazing reissues of Norwegian Hardcore HERE!


A1 . Bare En Slave (2:04)
A2 . Mørk Tid (2:05)
A3 . Outro (0:22)
B1 . Terrorstyre (2:14)*
B2 . 40000 Døde Barn (live, 1992)** (2:07)

*1985, from “Nå Eller Aldri” comp, remastered

** Complete song, old version on Blitz Live LP cuts off. We now found the complete song on a tape.

Cat No.: ISAKSEN 0:4

Label: → Norwegian Leather

8,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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PRO PUBLICO BONO - Drop By Drop I Squeeze A Slave Of Myself LP

PRO PUBLICO BONO - Drop By Drop I Squeeze A Slave Of Myself LP

New polish band based in London,UK and features the BIALA GORACZKA guitar player, so expect Polish punk rock with echoes of BERURIER NOIR and lots of British PEACE PUNK! The mix is varied by a male - female vocals and the songs try to avoid the template of a verse-chorus-verse in their structure. The recording is varied but most of all it is emotional, heart-grabbing and energetic. Lyric-wise they do not shy away from socio-political lyrics, so you can get an idea that the guys know which side they are on. (Pasazer)

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