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SEDITION - Discography 1989/1992 2xLP (UK IMPORT)


SEDITION - Discography 1989/1992 2xLP (UK IMPORT)
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SEDITION - Discography 1989/1992 2xLP (UK IMPORT)

At long last finally available on vinyl. The full discography of this classic furious, raging and angry hardcore punk act from Scotland, UK - Included are the First Demo as "Chaotic Subversion" (1989), "Dealing with clichés" EP (1989), Split EP w/ DISAFFECT (1992), Split LP w/ PINK TURDS IN SPACE (1990) and the "Earth Beat" LP 1992.

Remastered by Daniel Husayn. Originally Released by FLAT EARTH. This Discography double LP comes in a 12" kraft card pocket containing a 7" booklet of lyrics and artwork.

Unfortunately, thanks to brex(sh)it, import charges and being a total DIY release... this package came out not as cheap as I wished for. But it's worth every cent... I promise you that!


A01 . T.V. Sickness
A02 . Disgrace
A03 . Abuse
A04 . Why Fur?
A05 . ...Or Dealing With Death!
A06 . Criminals Of War
A07 . The Chase Is On
A08 . Justified Violence
A09 . Violation
A10 . Life?
A11 . Why Fur?
A12 . Police Story (Partisans)
A13 . Narrow-minded Bigot (Disaffect)
A14 . The Parish of Dunkeld
B15 . Consumer Brainwash
B16 . Suffocation
B17 . Authority
B18 . Cease To Exist
B19 . Nobody
B20 . Deja Vu?
B21 . No Poll Tax!
B22 . Homophobia
B23 . Friday
B24 . Love
B25 . Judge And Be Damned!
B26 . Swine
B27 . Holy Corruption
B28 . Understand Me!
C01 . Earthbeat
C02 . Tribal Transition
C03 . Gaia
C04 . Deconsume
C05 . Lungs Of The Earth
C06 . Ecologic
C07 . Logical Isolation
C08 . Ride On
D09 . Trail of tears
D10 . Aphorism
D11 . Who's The Savege?
D12 . Sex-Biased Roles
D13 . The Key To Co-Existence
D14 . New Breed - Bad Seed!
D15 . Death Chants
D16 . Freedom Is An Attitude

Cat No.: SCRM:06

Label: → Screaming Babies Records

28,91 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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GURS - Gerran Bizi Gara LP

Screenprinted cover + Insert - Eight relentless songs, Gerran Bizi Gara (“We Live in War” in Basque) continues the band’s powerful historical narrative of past struggles against fascism and oppression, while resonating universally with themes of memory, identity, and the ongoing struggle for social justice and liberation today.

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DISAFFECT - Still Chained (Discography) 2xLPcol.+MP3

DISAFFECT - Still Chained (Discography) 2xLPcol.+MP3

The DISAFFECT discography includes the "An Injury To One..." 7" EP from 1992, the split 7" with SEDITION from 1993, the "Home Of The Brave" 7"EP from 1993 (reissued 3 times!) and their 1994 released debut LP "Chained To Morality" as well as the ultra rare split 7" with BIZARRE UPROAR also from 1994. As a bonus you will find the best tracks of the 1991 "Demotape" with the missing tracks available as download.

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DESTRUCT – Cries The Mocking Mother Nature LP

DESTRUCT – Cries The Mocking Mother Nature LP

Three years after their vinyl debut, 2020's Echoes of Life, comes Destruct’s second album, Cries the Mocking Mother Nature. The band continues to pay respects to their raw hardcore influences, with greater emphasis on 80’s Swedish mangel and brutal late 90’s Japanese crust hardcore, in addition to the always present nod to British pioneers Disaster and Doom. Twelve tracks in 24 minutes. Cover art by master punk artist Joe B. Each copy of the first pressing is accompanied by a 22x33 inch fold out poster graciously illustrated by Japanese hardcore punk legend, CROW.

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STATE OF THE UNION - Rez-Erection 7

STATE OF THE UNION - Rez-Erection 7" EP

SOTU bring forth their second chaotic assemblage of raw hardcore, moody instrumentalism and blasphemous dub mixes. Another horrific descent into the depths of gloom and despair. NEUROSIS and SLEEP fans take notice! (PE)

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OPERATION - Destruktiv Utveckling MLP

OPERATION - Destruktiv Utveckling MLP

8 songs of angry, pissed off political HC with female / male vocals. Even a bit faster and more tight than their already excellent Lp. Lyrix are kind of indebt analysis of punk politics that remind me lot of Conflict & the likes. Very inspiring stuff - comes with Lp size booklet with translations + comments & a nice poster.

10,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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