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Excellent split LP between 2 fantastic bands, CRESS and BUFF. One side each, crust/anarcho punk legends CRESS giving us their usual quality tuneage and lyrical content, backed up with Manchester space punks BUFF and their raging weird blend of anarchy punk, dub and HAWKWIND. Both bands perfectly complement each other, pleased to be involved with this, great to have some quality punk with a bit of a different flavour, highly rate both bands!


A1 . The Barred Gates Of Reality
A2 . Bomb Blast
A3 . Dead Bird
A4 . S-21 War Machine
A5 . Starvation
B1 . Class War
B2 . Free Party People
B3 . Government Monster
B4 . Tribal
B5 . Fuck New World Order
B6 . The Stand

Cat No.: UVLPEE73

Label: → Urinal Vinyl

15,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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