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Burning Flag’s 3rd album Matador is equal parts crushing, subterranean, atmospheric and galloping momentum. It has a heavy dose of the sonics of modern metal, but at it’s heart it is political punk.

Dismissing Burning Flag as “Scathing Northern Punk Noise” as they claim on Facebook would be selling them short. Their music will be right up your alley if you love a bit of the old “crust”. Where metal meets punk, with pounding drums and anarcho attitude. They’ve listened to rule number one of punk: hit the drums hard. Downtuned guitars with the odd minor chord ooze heaviness with the metally tone providing a satisfying elastic twang from single strings here and there. Combined with the crushing bass sound, at times the music is dark enough to sound subterranean. There are brief moments where they have a more atmospheric feel with a hint of Killing Joke and the death rock sound. Whilst they start off at breakneck speed, Burning Flag don’t rely on this gimmick, using heaviness and good driving riffs to power the album along.

New addition Holly, formerly of Kiss Me Killer, has a strong voice which you’d need to power through the mix. Whilst mostly their style follows the strained shouting hardcore pattern she sometimes actually sings. This gives Burning Flag some variety to make them stand out from the crowd of crusty doomy political punk bands. Backing vocals punctuate the odd song here and there to good effect.

Heavy extended mid sections are almost songs in their own right without feeling incongruous. This shows a creative approach to songs reaching beyond simple verse, chorus, middle bit, and allows them to get away with a few songs beyond the magic 3 minute mark without sounding sluggish.

Matador explores themes of mysogyny, toxic masculinity and government corruption with some class war punk rock politics thrown in (Eat The Rich). Well chosen samples punctuate and accentuate the messages. Socio-political or personal-political, it’s rooted in relevance and anger at actual shit going on rather than bland theory. This is the power of political punk. It can make issues relevant that many on the left will turn into such bland sloganeering as to make you switch off. It’s a shame it has limited reach but bands like Burning Flag have the potential to appeal to a metal audience as well as punks. (...) (Nathan / Louder Than War)


A1 . Thrown Out
A2 . Man Up
A3 . Ghost Skin
A4 . Broken Britain
A5 . Matador
B1 . Toxic By Design
B2 . Eat The Rich
B3 . Vendetta
B4 . Step Back
B5 . All The While

Cat No.: PR227

Label: → Phobia Records

13,90 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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This one is another favorite of mine and i just can highly recommend this UK hardcore punk combo! This is a long overdue appearance on vinyl by this cracking UK hardcore punk band from Halifax who's line up features Md (vocals), Jonesy (guitar), Matt Fortune (drums) and Mark Midgley (bass). They formed in 2013 and released the Still A Lie ep the following year. 2015 saw a debut lp and this was followed in 2017 by "IZABEL" - The album's title is the name of the woman that showed the band around Auschwitz and spoke to them about the horrors that occurred there. It's also the name of the closing track. Other songs deal with topics such as the gun laws in the USA, the pollution of the planet and life in a shit hole rundown town where the sky's are grey and job prospects are not much brighter.

12,90 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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Debut of rampaging hardcore punk. After 2 demo tapes, a 7", and tours on both coasts with Extended Hell and Forward the band is ready put out their first full length release. 14 tracks of in-your-face burly punk with nods to Scandinavian bands like Svart Framtid and So Much Hate.

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SERIOUS DRINKING - The Revolution Starts At Closing Time LP.

SERIOUS DRINKING - The Revolution Starts At Closing Time LP.

Serious Drinking were an English humorous punk rock band from Norwich, England, whose lyrical themes often covered football and drinking but with a strong revolutionary working class attitude. Their debut album „The Revolution Starts at Closing Time“ from 1983 reached number 4 of the UK Indie Charts. The band were firm favourites of John Peel and recorded four sessions for his BBC Radio One show. „Love On The Terraces“ also reached number 38 in the 1982 Festive Fifty. 13 songs plus Limited Beer Mat!

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KARA - s/t. LP

KARA - s/t. LP

Debut album by this Warsaw band with members (both current and past) of such bands as: Dezerter, Kinsky, TZN Xenna, Morus, El Banda, Antidotum.... - This record is a storm of short, sharp, raging hardcore punk. No punishment (kara = ”punishment” in Polish), no crime, pure cleansing ritual. Don't be misguided by the rip-off logo, that's not what they sound like. Not sure what they were thinking though... great stuff.

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VERDICT - Time To Resign LPcol. (Pink Vinyl)

VERDICT - Time To Resign LPcol. (Pink Vinyl)

What do you expect when ex and actual members of TOTALITÄR / MEANWHILE / WARCOLLAPSE / DISCHANGE / EXPLOATÖR meet and record an album?! Right, expect nothing than raw and fast mangel inferno!

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HIATUS - From Resignation... LP+MP3 / LPcol.+MP3

HIATUS - From Resignation... LP+MP3 / LPcol.+MP3

"... to Revolt!" - The 1993 debut full-length of Belgium's crust punk institution HIATUS! Originally released by the legendary Sound Pollution Records of Hellnation's Ken Hansford. The original release was a quite hard to find item for decades, until now twenty-nine years after its initial release and 12 months at the pressing plant we present you the official reissue of this Euro-Crustpunk classic...

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