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V/A DEMONS INSIDE US - 20 Years Of Phobia Records Compilation LP


V/A DEMONS INSIDE US - 20 Years Of Phobia Records Compilation LP
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Czech distro and label "Phobia Records" has become a household name for D-beat / Crustpunk fans worldwide. Mirek's 20th anniversary as Phobia Records is celebrated with this ultimate label sampler. Perhaps the new bible for all your debate freaks out there as it includes a who is who of the current dbeat/crustcore scene.

Package comes with a 28 pages booklet, A2 poster – all profits will go to local FNB and people who need it more than us. Beautifully packaged with fitting artwork. Since Ruin Nation will turns 30 next year I should finally consider something similar, but I really don't dare because of all the work... so, mucho respect and happy birthday Phobia Records and hopefully we see 20 more years of Phobia releases coming!


A01 . Crutches - Forever Determined
A02 . 偏執症者 (Paranoid) - 悪魔は生き続ける
A03 . Myteri - Insomnia (alt. version)
A04 . Dissekerad - Mörkret I Tunneln
A05 . Earth Crust Displacement - Lost Cause
A06 . Absolut - Savages v.1
A07 . Parasit - Rusa mot din död
A08 . Appäratus - Iconoclast
A09 . Chörnobyl - Benzo blues
A10 . Utsatt - Jag Ser Dig
A11 . Scared Earth - Battlefields (Iconoclast)5
B12 . Warcollapse - Death Rattle
B13 . Ursut - Sträffangeln Talar
B14 . Svaveldioxid - Dödlig Effekt
B15 . Fear Of Extinction - Game Is Over
B16 . War//Plague - Cloaked in Ash
B17 . Voidfiller - Guided Mislead
B18 . Makabert Fynd - Sprider hat, äter skit
B19 . Disease - War Ghosts
B20 . Slutet - Ingen Utväg Vid Livets Brant
B21 . Verdict - I don't wanna see it

Cat No.: PR200

Label: → Phobia Records

14,01 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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SEDITION - Discography 1989/1992 2xLP (UK IMPORT)

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Based in Malaysia, since 2006, Osmantikos has been refining their Hypertension Crustcore style to its maximum potential. They've toured all over southeast Asia and Japan, dropping demos, 7"s, and splits at regular intervals, but have spent the last little bit quietly working on their debut album. Now that it's finally complete, a whole crew of us have teamed up to make sure it's properly distributed all around the world.

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