CRUTCHES / KONTRASOSIAL - "Chaos Riders // Freedom Fighters" - Split LP


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Crutches, from Malmö/Sweden, delivers a fast and full throttle wall-breaker of d-beat and raw agression. As a result of the political clima of the recent election the autumn of 2018 has somewhat become an answer, and feeling of d-beat rebelion. Raw and brutal and straight to the point. - Kontrasosial, from Bandung/Indonesia, shoots out 8 brilliant death-metal d-beaters in the way of brutality. Against fascist shitsystem and sold out political unjust system of corruption.

This split celebrates the tour companions of these two bands and holds to coming Chaos Riders.



A1 . The Era of Multi-shit
A2 . Hoppa Av
A3 . Hate Generation
A4 . Avvisa Allt
A5 . Själsdödarna
A6 . Chaos Riders
A7 . Liars
B1 . Apocalyptic March of War
B2 . Kill Pedophilia
B3 . In the Name of Drugs War
B4 . Greedy Cops
B5 . Dirty Politics Ruin the Peace
B6 . Stop the Bloody War
B7 . Fascist Nation
B8 . Digmaan Kontra Droga

Cat No.: N.E.R.055

Label: → Not Enough

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