KIELTOLAKI - Elämänvalhe E.P


KIELTOLAKI - Elämänvalhe E.P
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This is a absolutely must have if you dig Finnish hardcore punk! Finally a follow-up to their great Vapauden Illuusio LP on Feral Ward a few years back, the Turku finnish hardcore punkers deliver here 4 pummeling tracks in the great tradition of their stylish brand of rock 'n roll ! Wrapped in a classic A3 fold out poster sleeve ! - - - - - what a blast!


A1 . Ei Vapautta
A2 . Vitun Hullut
B1 . Elämänvalhe
B2 . Kenen Puolesta ?

Cat No.: BEF20

Label: → Kick Rock

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Debut of rampaging hardcore punk. After 2 demo tapes, a 7", and tours on both coasts with Extended Hell and Forward the band is ready put out their first full length release. 14 tracks of in-your-face burly punk with nods to Scandinavian bands like Svart Framtid and So Much Hate.

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