GRAUE ZELLEN - Gegenrhythmus 1989-1997 2xLP


GRAUE ZELLEN - Gegenrhythmus 1989-1997 2xLP
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GRAUE ZELLEN (engl. "Grey Matter") from Rendsburg and Hamburg were one of the most important German hardcore-punk-bands in the 1990s. Between 1989 and 2001 the "Graue Zellen" released three LPs, a split-LP with Ναυτία from Greece (Skuld Releases, 1994), two EPs, a demo-tape and several songs for compilations. This double-lp collects the EPs „Hunger nach Leben“ (1990) and „Keiner weiß wohin“ (1993), most of the split-lp with Ναυτία, the cover-songs „Grüne Wände“ (So much hate), „Out of step“ (Minor Threat), „Automat“ (Terveet Kädet) and several unreleased songs from 1989-1997. The band was popular for their energetic, raging liveshows and their radical political positions between antifascism, squats and the struggles of the 1990s in Germany and Europe. The band will be back on stage in 2019 as „Zellen“, new songs are in work. Counterculture at it`s best!


A1 . Sage Nie ...
A2 . Dein Gefühl
A3 . Keiner Weiss
A4 . In Vielen Augen
A5 . Planquadrat
A6 . Voice
B1 . Kein Ende
B2 . Gegenrhythmus
B3 . Frei
B4 . Wo Du Stehst
B5 . Von Flucht Und Offenen Messern
C1 . Manipulation Der Köpfe
C2 . Siegestaumel
C3 . Tagtraumnacht
C4 . Dach
C5 . Automat
C6 . Out Of Step
C7 . Grüne Wände
D1 . Ohr Am Boden
D2 . Inneres Ghetto
D3 . Hunger Nach Leben
D4 . 1000 Schienen
D5 . Oft Gefragt

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Label: → Twisted Chords

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