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D.O.A. - 13 Flavours of Doom CD


D.O.A. - 13 Flavours of Doom CD
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It´s the return of the ignoroids. D.O.A. are back as a three-piece: Joe Kiethley, Brian Goble, and Ken Jensen. Straight-ahead classic D.O.A. punk. Produced by John Nomeansno Wright. - "A surprising comeback is that of Vancouver´s D.O.A., who split up in ´89 with a series of emotional farewell gigs but couldn´t stay dead. Not only that , but the (now) trio goes back to their early ´80s solid punk sound eschewing the more commercial hard rock of their later days: "Too Fuckin´ Heavy" even sounds like a riffing update of Hardcore ´81´s "Fucked Up Baby/Ronnie." Joey "Shithead" Keithley´s distinctive growl always sounded best on top of fast and angry guitars, as it is here on such burners as "I Played the Fool," the AIDS-aware "Use Your Raincoat," and the opening "Already Dead," while the best songs are written and by bassist (former Subhumans vocalist) Brian "Wimpy Roy" Goble, such as the anti-boob tube "The Living Dead" and the closing "Phantom Zone," Both pure, mid-tempo punk at its best, with big guitars and memorable tunes. And kudos for the ozone conscious "Hole in the Sky," a song Al Gore would like if his wife had better taste. A fine welcome back and a return to a better earlier form."

Cat No.: VIRUS 117

Label: → Alternative Tentacles

8,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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REFUSE/ALL - What Lurks Beneath? CD

REFUSE/ALL - What Lurks Beneath? CD

What Lurks Beneath is the new release from Refuse All. Angry anarcho punk with croaky gruff vocals

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Israel Grrrl ridden snotty Hardcore Punk Rock. If you like kick ass punk rock with a thought-provoking message full with rage - get this!

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REMISSION - Ninty-Five to Ninty-Eight CD

REMISSION - Ninty-Five to Ninty-Eight CD

This CD contains 24 tracks and includes all three EPs plust heir entire 1995 "Human Compassion" demo cassette. This us rough and raging hardcore punk that falls somewhere between Disrupt and Civil Disobedience. An important blast from the past.

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STRAWMAN - Politics on the Pavement 7

STRAWMAN - Politics on the Pavement 7" EP

A San Francisco 3-piece which proves punk rock can still be played tunefully. Power punk with a STIFF LITTLE FINGERS feel featuring Mordam Records' Tommy Strange on guitar and vocals.

3,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)


It rages with fury against the injustices of society, with all the subtlety of a two-headed fire-breathing dragon sporting a Man Is The Bastard shirt. If there are any fans of extreme noise, or even Extreme Noise Terror, who haven´t heard this lot, I suggest you get with the program and do so immediately!

9,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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