MOVING TARGETS - The Other Side: Demos And Sessions Expended 2xLP+CD


MOVING TARGETS - The Other Side: Demos And Sessions Expended 2xLP+CD
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Released to coincide with MOVING TARGETS first European tour in 25 years, "The Other Side: Demos And Sessions Expended" does what it says on the tin – an expanded version of the “Made To Order” mail order only release put out by Boss Tuneage in 2016 which has become highly sought after since – the announcement of the tour made it the ideal time to do an expanded version of that original release, after having numerous requests - so is now available not only as a double vinyl LP including the entire 2007 radio session for the first time but also on stand alone CD Format too!. A brilliant collection of rare recordings selected by Kenny Chambers and the perfect accompaniment to the bands classic late 80s/early 90s albums for the Taang label.

Also includes a CD in PVC Wallet of all 26 tracks
Also available as a stand alone CD


A1 . Faith (1985 Demo)
A2 . Let Me Know Why (1985 Demo)
A3 . The Other Side (1985 Demo)
A4 . Uncomfortable (Radiobeat Studio 1983)
A5 . Less Than Gravity (1983 Demo)
A6 . Waiting For The End (Radiobeat Studio 1983 Remixed 1988)
B1 . Changing Your Mind / Drone (WJUL Live Broadcast 1987)
B2 . Never (Burning In Water Outtake 1985)
B3 . Selfish (WERS Session 1988)
B4 . Always Calling (WERS Session 1988)
B5 . This World (WERS Session 1988)
B6 . Squares And Circles (WERS Session 1988)
B7 . Faith (WJUL Live Broadcast 1987)
C1 . Hole (WMBR Session 2007)
C2 . Shopping Cart (WMBR Session 2007)
C3 . Stone (WMBR Session 2007)
C4 . In The Way (WMBR Session 2007)
C5 . Always Calling (WMBR Session 2007)
C6 . Instrumental #3 (WMBR Session 2007)
D1 . Separate Hearts / Drone (WMBR Session 2007)
D2 . Faith (WMBR Session 2007)
D3 . Thin Line (WMBR Session 2007)
D4 . Less Than Gravity (WMBR Session 2007)
D5 . Song 33 / My Friend (WMBR Session 2007)

Cat No.: BTRSV042

Label: → Boss Tuneage

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