DISORDER - The Singles Collection LP


DISORDER - The Singles Collection LP
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Also known as “Complete Disorder”, this record compiles all the ep’s released by the Bristol’s masters of noise DISORDER.
What you get here are 21 songs taken from the previously released “Complete Disorder” 7”, “Distortion To Deafness” 7”, “Mental Disorder” 7” and “Perdition” 12” EP.


A01 . Todays World
A02 . Violent Crime
A03 . Complete Disorder
A04 . Insane Youth
A05 . You've Got To Be Someone
A06 . More Than Fights
A07 . Daily Life
A08 . Rampton Song
A09 . Provocated War
A10 . Bullshit Everyone
A11 . Maternal Obsession
A12 . 3 Blind Mice
A13 . Buy I Gurt Pint

B01 . Stagnation
B02 . Life
B03 . Out Of Order
B04 . Condemned
B05 . Media
B06 . Suicide Children
B07 . Preachers
B08 . Remembranse Day

Tracks A1 to A4: 'Complete Disorder' 7", 1981
Tracks A5 to A7: 'Distortion To Deafness' 7", 1981
Tracks A8 to A13: 'Mental Disorder' 7", 1983
Tracks B1 to B8: 'Perdition' 12" EP, 1982

Cat No.: RRS30

Label: → Radiation Reissues

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