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Debut album for this relatively new and unheard punkrock band from Bremen,Germany that features ex-members of Bremen-veteran punk: KORRUPT and SAPERE AUDE. Fe/male vocal exchange over a shredding and roaring but still melodic soundtrack. Fast and energetic pummeling drums pushing it even more and more.

There's a strong end of eighties and nineties "Deutsch Punk" vibe going on. Similar to their previous bands, from which they took a lot of influence, SENSE are hard to file as simple "Deutsch Punk" because there's way too many layers of musical influences and melody. SENSE sing in german and this LP comes with a big booklet and lyrics and explanations.


A1 . Aufstand
A2 . Plastik
A3 . Ausgegrenzt
A4 . Anachron
A5 . Kapital
B1 . Ins Gesicht
B2 . Dumpfland
B3 . Arroganz Der Macht
B4 . Trauma
B5 . Horror
B6 . Donnerwetter

Cat No.: SENZE01

Label: → Self-Released

11,00 €

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