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WAR//PLAGUE  / VASTATION - United in Darkness - Split EP


WAR//PLAGUE  / VASTATION - United in Darkness - Split EP
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Back with some serious raging crust and hardcore punk. Both WAR//PLAGUE and VASTATION have teamed up to delivery a fierce and socio/politically charged record that will fulfill your craving. Bringing both the Minneapolis and Portland DIY communities together! - This is WAR//PLAGUEs 7th release that has 2 songs with a cover track that pays homage to TOTALITARs "Sin Egen Motstandare". Signed, sealed and approved by TOTALITAR themselves! This current release for the band is a prelude to their upcoming LP and 8th release. Minneapolis crust punk veterans that prove their dedication and sincerity to the Minneapolis and global DIY punk scene. VASTATION once again are out for blood! This band has proven time and time again that they are at the forefront of the stench/crust movement with influences stemming from Sacrilege and Bolt Thrower! These guys have put Portland back on the map again with music that brings brutal rage and a thought provoking element to the DIY scene.

Cat No.: EXIST 158

Label: → Profane Existence

4,75 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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ALTERNATIVE - Demos 1982 & Live 1983 CD

ALTERNATIVE - Demos 1982 & Live 1983 CD

The Alternative was one of the best anarcho-punk bands in the heyday of the 1980s. Well written songs, intelligent lyrics, effective use of samples, melodic tunes and distorted guitars. This has everything you would expect from a Crass-related release and more. It's shocking that something this good could remain out of print for so long.

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APPARATUS - Absurd 19 12

APPARATUS - Absurd 19 12"

Apparatus have been playing d-beat raw punk mangel since 2000! Think classic Scandinavian style, a rawer version of Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Mob 47 etc! After several releases over the years here we go with their latest album. "Absürd '19" contains 11 new tracks of raging deaf-raids Hardcore/Rawpunk savagery including coververions of DTAL and DNA (both from Sweden).In cooperation with Wild Wild East Records.

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Released by the bands' own DISCODANCER RECORDS, MDX deliver 9 brandnew tracks of in your face, old school Hardcore Punk with a lot of „80'ties“ westcoast thrash in their veins.

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SEDITION - 1989 Demo 7

SEDITION - 1989 Demo 7" EP

The long overdue, first time on vinyl, 7" E.P. of the first SEDITION Demo Tape. Taken from the original 1989 studio reel and digitally remastered to mark the 30th anniversary of the band.

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VICIOUS IRENE - Trash Your Future 7

VICIOUS IRENE - Trash Your Future 7" EP

These 4 ladies hailing from Gothenburg (Sweden) surprised me last CSE tour with their blistering and massive mixture of punk rock and the odd early nineties "L7" grunge influence while beating it into bits with a harsh and uncompromising d-beat / crustcore overtone.

5,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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