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ALIANS – Gavroche LP


ALIANS – Gavroche LP
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ALIANS – Gavroche LP

Restock! - Just in time for its 20's birthday! ALIANS' most popular album is just rereleased via PASAZER. If you were crossing the squats and festivals of the nineties you most likely saw or heard a lot of this band and their brand of polish folk-punk. Here's some info from Pasazer:

" The first half of the 90’s is a great time for the Polish independent hc / punk scene. One of the most popular trends that time was the original combination of punk, reggae and folk, which grew up particularly in surrounded by forests city of Piła. And one of the flagship bands of that trend was ALIANS.

The band was extremely active during that time, both live and in a studio, with the surprising sound of so unusual instruments like the accordion, melodica or ... flutes, while playing aggressive and anarchistic punk rock of flesh and blood, guitars and drums same time. Exactly the way punk noise should be and differently than everyone else the same time.

Their most memorable album for many was "Gavroche", realized in 1994 in the legendary studio Golden Rock. And as it just 20 years since that, and for the moment the band will celebrate 25 years being around, we decided to send you all a gift and see how this album gonna sound on vinyl. We are happy to announce that the album sounds great and has perfectly done the test of time. What You can check out yourself right now..

In addition to the well-known attack songs ("Homemade Bombs", "Desert’s Lords"), you gonna find a large format and a new artwork in the rich and strong character. "


A1 . Tędy / Za Pan Brat
A2 . Władcy Pustyni
A3 . Wcześnie Rano
A4 . Tałatajstwo Z Wiejskiej
A5 . Sumienie I Listy
A6 . Zosia Na Wrotkach
A7 . Autostrada
A8 . Bomby Domowej Roboty
B1 . Do Kurwy Nędzy
B2 . Wkurwiony Grabaż
B3 . Niszcz To Co Złe
B4 . Gegen Nazis
B5 . Dziecko (Rejestracja)
B6 . Duby Domowej Roboty
B7 . Sami Wobec Siebie
B8 . Paryż 68

Cat No.: n/a

Label: → Pasazer Records

12,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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ALIANS - Mega Yoga LP (Remastered)

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The break through album of BIALA GORACZKA, recorded 2003 and now finally available on vinyl as well. Groundbreaking for the band because of their new sound and new content. There are punk rock hits with BERURIER NOIR echoes , there are pieces of the British anarcho punk style, but there are also songs that you can not compare to anything. - And all of that with strong, libertarian message. After long years, you can see that the guys were probably the precursors of gender studies :). 15 years after the release, all the stuff on two black vinyls with a facelift cover.

18,50 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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