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THE STOPS - Nameless Faces LP

SABO 078

THE STOPS - Nameless Faces LP
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The Stops (Portland, Oregon) play music that is dark, moody and melody-driven; their songs create an atmosphere of driving, distorted punk which is at times informed by power pop guitar riffs and tight vocal harmonies.

The band features members of Red Dons and former members of the Pedestrian and Pataha Hiss.

Casually formed in 2011, the group's initial incarnation consisted solely of guitarist Ruby and drummer Fukuko. Soon after, Rita and Cissie joined the band on guitar and bass, respectively. The current lineup has existed since 2013, when Ruby approached Lizzie about doing vocals.

After logging in many hours of sweaty basement practice and songwriting sessions, a debut show was booked at the Know in February of 2014. A well-received demo tape was soon to follow. The band caught the attention of Sabotage Records, based out of Germany, and soon hit the studio to record a full-length LP, as well as a split EP with Singapore's Daily Ritual (also to be released on Sabotage). Dirt Cult records will be releasing their record stateside.

The Stops plan on touring Europe in the fall in support of their debut LP "Nameless Faces".

Cat No.: SABO 078

Label: → Sabotage Records

11,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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