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We found a box full of old Postcard Reprints from John Heartfield. John Heartfield (born Helmut Herzfeld; 19 June 1891 – 26 April 1968) was a pioneer in the use of art as a political weapon. His photo montages were anti-Nazi anti-Fascist statements, especially during the rise of the NS Regime in Germanys 30's... . Also known for being the original designer of DISCHARGES "Never Again" record sleeve (so to say...)

POSTCARDS ARE 148mm x 103mm - B/W - RARE!

0,75 €

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Any fan of DISAFFECT , SEDITION and UNHINGED take note! Nine attacks of pure mid nineties Eurosquat-crustcore that comes in its raw and angered nature with the filthy grinding metal guitar chords, slashing cymbals and thundering drums going steady forward and forward.

8,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and excl. Shipping costs)
AUTONOMADS - One Day This Will All Be Gone... CD

AUTONOMADS - One Day This Will All Be Gone... CD

Second full lengh LP by this Manchester squatter/punk possé. 12 brandnew DIY anarcho/dub/ska-PUNK songs about social housing, squatting and dealing with state opposed repression in our daily lifes - Picking up the beat where their previous LP "No Mans Land" left, the Autonomads haven't lost any of their groove and skills writing interesting music beyond a simple "dub-genre"!

10,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and excl. Shipping costs)
OKUS – Scourge LP

OKUS – Scourge LP

Having been a back bone of the Irish hardcore/crust scene over the last number of years, the dooming crust behemoth of OKUS returns with 'SCOURGE' 9 tracks of blacken crust whose dooming crust wrapped in a metallic heftiness and misanthropic hardcore propelled by galloping drums with D-beat and blasts and rough vocals focusing on a nihilistic and bleak look at the world based on religion in some way, through war, religion, economics. FFO Crust pioneers Sacrilege, Amebix, Napalm Death

11,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and excl. Shipping costs)
THE TONE - I Know It's Alright 7

THE TONE - I Know It's Alright 7" EP

Damn! It totally forgot that i have a handful of these seven inches in a box, lost in the shelves for years! - 3 tracks from the best band in the world (RIP). Like better and more honest version of the CLASH meets the RUTS and spice it up with a more anarcho-political-working class feel straight out hackneys tower blocks. Ex- THATCHER ON ACID / SCHWARZENEGGAR / BLIND MOLE RAT …

3,50 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and excl. Shipping costs)
BIALA GORACZKA (Fever) - Plywy CD / LP

BIALA GORACZKA (Fever) - Plywy CD / LP

Restock! - On live performances this band is like a furious mix between CONFLICT's anarcho punk politics and BERURIER NOIR's theatralical performance; spitting fire, jumping around, waving flags... Dressing in dodgy clothes.. Elements of agitprop... All to a kick as powerful soundtrack! Polish anarcho punk at its best, chanty, rough but catchy and full sounding. Sung in Polish with English translations.

from 8,00 € (All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and excl. Shipping costs)

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