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NAUSEA - Cybergod / Lie Cycle 12"


NAUSEA - Cybergod / Lie Cycle 12
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NAUSEA - Cybergod / Lie Cycle 12 NAUSEA - Cybergod / Lie Cycle 12 NAUSEA - Cybergod / Lie Cycle 12

Both of the Limited Edition versions are now SOLD OUT.

Svart Records release NYC crust punk band Nausea’s two legendary EP’s on one remastered 12” in April 2024!

Crust punk originates from the misty moors and factory cities of the UK. Since the '80s, countless bands have been established to play their dirty apocalyptic ruckus in the vein of Amebix, Antisect, and Axegrinder. At the same time, across the ocean, in the squats of New York’s Lower East Side, bassist John John Jesse founded Nausea.

Svart Records is releasing Nausea’s two legendary EPs in 12” format for the first time ever, including the Cybergod 7” from 1991 - with a bonus track, "Here Today," from the same recording sessions - and the Lie Cycle 7” from 1992. All tracks are remastered from the original, untouched studio tapes by Jack Control (Darkthrone, Kohti Tuhoa, Fear). Tribal and rocking apocalyptic crust for apocalyptic times.

The Cybergod lineup might be the most legendary era of Nausea, where the tracks reach almost epic proportions. The EP is pretty much the blueprint of crust, where Vic Venom’s hypnotic and rocking guitar riffs meet the tribal drumming of Roy Mayorga. Al’s and Amy’s dueling vocals spit out timeless issues dealing with consumerism and the hypocrisies of organized religions. Musically, the Lie Cycle EP rocks out more in the faster and straightforward style, where Discharge meets Motörhead, and lyrics reflect the times when war and nuclear destruction are still the plague of mankind.

Nausea’s timeline lasted only seven years, but they managed to create a cult following with their true dedication to the punk scene and played shows in the squats of Europe and the eastern part of Europe. Their music is timeless, unpleasant music for unpleasant times, but hey! At least it’s more fun to rock out to the apocalypse!


A1 . Cybergod
A2 . Body Of Christ
A3 . Here Today (Bonus Track)
B1 . Lie Cycle
B2 . Fallout
B3 . Right To Live
B4 . Blood & Circus

Cat No.: SRE494

Label: → Svart Records

from 24,00 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs



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DISTURD / 惡AI意 - "Walk" split 12"col.

Finally ! A vinyl pressing of a CD released earlier on Grind Bird records (Disturd’s label) and long gone. It’s a split 12’’ between Kansai metallic crusty hardcore masters of DISTURD and the Kitakyushu Japanese Hardcore heroes 惡AI意. These 2 bands started their friendship after playing together on the "From The Darkside" Kyushu tour in the summer of 2012.

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KRIEGSHÖG – Love & Revenge LP (IMPORT)

KRIEGSHÖG – Love & Revenge LP (IMPORT)

KRIEGSHÖG is back. Five years after their last single and 14 since their debut album, the Tokyo Hardcore band finally delivers a new release. Love and Revenge is a record of consummate savagery and monster riffs. Picking up where Paint It Black 7” left, and moving forward as a heavy toned hardcore record that finds the band in its own realm. While following the Japanese tradition of long running bands operating at their own pace and mastering their sound along the way. The band leave behind their speedier sound, moving now at a slower tempo but still pummelling their riffing sound. The incorporation of a new drummer, adds much more than a steady beat, amplifying the KRIEGSHÖG sonic experience. Their sound is bass-driven to the point of near hypnosis, becoming quasi-psychedelic at times. The guitar tone is a nasty crunch and the vocal delivery has only got more brutal, with a glass eating demon on the mic conjuring the darkest side of your soul. Perfect for night rides into the abyss.

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NO FUCKER - Splinter The Empty Silence LPcol.

NO FUCKER - Splinter The Empty Silence LPcol.

Compilation LP feat both their demos, both spilt 7"s with DISCLOSE and both 7"s plus various compilation tracks. Legendary D-Beat Raw Punk overkill straight outta New York/USA.

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TRENCHRAID - War Mentality LPcol. / LPcol.Ltd.

TRENCHRAID - War Mentality LPcol. / LPcol.Ltd.

Trenchraid from Canada with their debut album. 12 furious tracks Swedish styled D-Beat Raw Punk Crust. No Neocrust, No bullshit, just pure Hardcore Punk. Co-release with canadian label Horrible Existence Records.

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HETZE - Until I Snap LPcol. (Green)

HETZE - Until I Snap LPcol. (Green)

HETZE delivers a furious punk violence ass-whooping, truly living up to their social media description. With members hailing from the Belgian punk and death metal underground scene, their music is characterized by its frenetic energy, aggression, and an oddly captivating quality. To date, HETZE has released an LP titled Bedbugs in 2018, as well as two splits with DISMALFUCKER and TRAPPIST in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Until I Snap is their best outing, in my opinion, and it’s worth the listen. (MRR)

16,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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