MORUS - Ciało Obce LP+MP3


MORUS - Ciało Obce LP+MP3
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"Ciało Obce" is polish for "foreign body" and also the debut album of MORUS from Warsaw/Poland. MORUS play fully charged HARDCORE PUNK that comes along very dynamic but is also ridden with razor sharp edges! Lyrically focused on a deeper socio-political statement against the ongoing repression with an strongly feminist message! Forged in the fires of the warsaw punk underground by members of POST REGIMENT and fellow warsaw punkers ANTIDOTUM, EDELWEISS PIRATEN, ATOMICO PATIBULO & EL BANDA, this just can't go wrong. 12 songs in total. Lyrics are provided in polish and english translations.

Recorded at Wieloślad Studio, Warsaw by Michał Ścibior
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon


A1 . Codziennie
A2 . Zaraza
A3 . Jak Dwie Krople
A4 . Oto Jest Czlowiek Szczesliwy
A5 . Na Zakupy
A6 . Narodowy
B1 . Hycel
B2 . Cialo Obce
B3 . Wszystkie Grzechy
B4 . Czekasz
B5 . Na Sen
B6 . Obudze Sie

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Label: → Ruin Nation Records

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