VICIOUS IRENE - Trash Your Future 7" EP / CD


VICIOUS IRENE - Trash Your Future 7
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It's not an easy job to review your own releases without getting too much into a hysteria (!) about how amazing it is. Well... this is one of a real hard one since I think it´s absolutely fantastic! - These 4 young ladies hailing from Gothenburg (Sweden) surprised me last CSE tour with their blistering and massive mixture of punk rock and the odd early nineties "L7" grunge influence while beating it into bits with a harsh and uncompromising d-beat / crustcore overtone. - Dual female vocals pointing social political lyrics and topics and 4 songs in total (CD version includes one extra track!) that will make you rave with fists in the air and your stereo wandering towards your room. Annoying your neighbors never was such fun before! All put together on this slap of 7" vinyl including great photography art by Christina Bloom and artwork from Igor Absorte - Get this... Honestly, this band is awesome.

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Cat No.: BOLLOX 023

Label: → Ruin Nation Records

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