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Sorcerer Records reissued a limited Cassette version of the EIEFITS debut album "493". Originally released as a CD only in 2012. This obscure japanese band plays raging female fronted Punk-Rock from Tokyo with ex-members of LIP CREAM, FORWARD, THE COMES, THE HECK, etc. Handnumbered black print on yellow tape with embossed gold or silver sticker.

Only 150 copies been made.

Japanese friends, please order it from Mangrove Label / Record shop Base (www.recordshopbase.com) or buy it from the band.


A1 . Flash Back
A2 . Imitation
A3 . Into The Thrill
A4 . Love And Peace
A5 . Minority Surviver
A6 . Rough Trickster
A7 . Piece
A8 . Free Soul
B1 . Go Away
B2 . Struggle
B3 . Break New Ground
B4 . Primitive
B5 . Confusion
B6 . Never Mind
B7 . 493
B8 . ダイジニネ

Cat.No.: SRC-001

Label: → Sorcerer Records

5,54 €

Alle Preise inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten


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