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ADICTS (THE) - Sound of Music (Reissue) LP


ADICTS (THE) - Sound of Music (Reissue) LP
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"The Sound Of Music" may be one of the most underappreciated punk albums of 1982; while many great and genre defining and seminal albums were released that year, few were released that were as fun and imaginative as The Adicts "The Sound Of Music." It features classics such as "Joker In The Pack," "Chinese Takeaway," and "My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller," just to name a few.

Includes Linernotes as well as a Poster of the Coverartwork.


A1 . How Sad
A2 . 4321
A3 . Chinese Takeaway
A4 . Johnny Was A Soldier
A5 . Disco
A6 . Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
B1 . Joker In The Pack
B2 . Lullaby
B3 . My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller
B4 . A Man's Gotta Do
B5 . Let's Go
B6 . Easy Way Out
B7 . Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head

Cat No.: PNV090

Label: → Puke'N'Vomit (US)

16,90 €

All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs


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HIATUS - Out Of Hand LP+MP3

HIATUS - Out Of Hand LP+MP3

"Out of Hand" is the third album of these legendary Belgian crust punks and their first new recording since 1996's "self titled (the brain)" MLP on Skuld Releases.

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STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.2 LP

STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.2 LP

As outlined in the Vol. 1 description, State of Fear had set out on a hardcore path widely copied but never matched throughout 1994-1996. It’s in this period that they attempt their first full length LP which although marred by recording issues and personnel changes, would go on to be regarded by most as a contender for one of the best LPs of 1990’s in the hardcore punk genre. Volume 2 is this stand-alone LP by the band and features the original artwork of Marald who has also gone on to a famed career in the fine art world, this includes a large 4 page booklet with all lyrics included, and an A2 poster. Did I mention that both Vol. 1 and 2 have been remastered by Jack Control for the highest sound quality possible? These are definitive documents of one of the best hardcore bands to exist.

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STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.1 LP

STATE OF FEAR - Complete Discography Vol.1 LP

This two-volume set of records which represents the complete discography of State of Fear couldn't have come at a better time with the current hardcore/crust scene in the U.S. on the rise once again. A new generation of punks have scoured the filthy depths of the genre to find the classics, and State of Fear ticks every box of a classic hardcore band. Formed from the ex-members of DISRUPT and DEFORMED CONSCIOUS, State of Fear adopted a more streamlined hardcore attack than that of either of their former bands, but kept intact the political and dark themes of the crust bands they had come from. This was hardcore made by fans of Swedish bands like SKITLICKERS, MOB 47, ANTI-CIMEX, and although they definitely wear their influences on their sleeve, they created a sound which was enigmatically their own. Entering the scene in the heyday of the Minneapolis crust explosion spearheaded by Profane Existence in 1994, they immediately made their mark with powerful live showings and a no-bullshit delivery. Volume 1 includes the self titled debut, and the infamous 'Wallow in Squalor' EP's, State of Fear showcase a devastating combination of speed and memorable riffs not seen by another band in America since. Songs like 'Blood Thirsty System', 'Violation', 'Consumption' emboldened a generation of punks in the 90's, while confirming their feelings of rage at the political system in place, which sadly still stands today. These songs aren't going to lose appeal until the blood thirsty system falls. Sonarize Records has added a large format 12 page booklet that includes a biography, interviews, lyrics, and hard to find photos of the band.

18,50 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock LPcol.

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock LPcol.

20 Years after its original release, Agipunk and Sonarize Records team up together once again to deliver a restored version of this masterpiece of early new millennium hardcore crust punk. Remastered at Enormous Door Studios by Jack Control himself and with a new layout, this record is going to enter the gates of punk history as a true milestone on the path to destruction. Available in 500 copies on Cyan Blue colored vinyl.

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HELLSHOCK - Only the Dead Know The End Of War LP

HELLSHOCK - Only the Dead Know The End Of War LP

Repress! Debut album from portlands finest stenchcore/crust masters. Imagine good old end 80'ties Crust the likes of Hellbastard and Deviated Instinct, add a bit of thrash kinda SACRILEGE and booze it up with modern recording technology...

14,00 € (All Prices incl. VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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