AARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled By The Insane 12"

RAW 099

AARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled By The Insane 12
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AARGH FUCK KILL - Ruled By The Insane 12

8 brand new tracks from this d-beat/HC-punk maniacs from Hamburg, Germany. "Ruled By The Insane" features 8 blistering HC-Punk tunes with english and german lyrics. Straight forward drumming meets great guitar riffing paired with angry and belting vocals.


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A1 . Das Programm
A2 . Sick To Death
A3 . The Trap
A4 . Ruled By The Insane
B2 . The New Swayer
B3 . Im Namen Der Forschung (Inferno)
B4 . Tourist Attack

Cat No.: RAW 099

Label: → Rawmantic Disasters

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