V/A - DIS Is Malmö 2018 Compilation LP

N.E.R. 047

V/A - DIS Is Malmö 2018 Compilation LP
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Straight from the vaults of the most raw city in Sweden. 16 active bands from Malmö, Sweden deliver rawpunk d-beat mangel at it's best! or worse … you decide but if you dig the original old school sweden sound of hardcore, this is probably the compilation of the year! Includes massive booklet featuring artwork and texts!


A1 . A4 - Andra Handlingar
A2 . Anhedoni - Napalm
A3 . Arsle - Krossad Av Eliten
A4 . Crudiax - Snitch Out Your Pig
A5 . Crutches - Mangeling For Freedom
A6 . Genöme - Scum
A7 . Glorious? - Democracy?
A8 . Korp - Nix
A9 . Korsfäst - Utanför
B1 . Lautstürmer - Outnumbered By Bastards
B2 . Profoss - Hals Över Huvud
B3 . Remiso - Filhos De Cidade 02:20
B4 . Snor - Powietrza 01:45
B5 . Ursut - Se Till Att Ingen Ser 04:58
B6 . Voidfiller - Legacy 02:24
B7 . Zyfilis - Vrede Raseri 02:05

Cat No.: N.E.R. 047

Label: → Not Enough

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