CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response LP


CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response LP
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Writhing, sneering, tight cornered "Machine Response" is the only acceptable follow up to the blistering and landmark "Attempted Suicide." Nearly ten years of beating around the bush, casually playing around the world and drip releasing music along the way, Career Suicide is backed by their best lineup ever, ready to break back through themselves with this new full length.

Machine Response veers in and out of pure speed, bursts of melody, and chunky tempo shifts, indenting the long standing influence of early 80s USHC, late 70s punk, and a peppering of 60s swagger, with their own clearly developed style. Dallas Good (Sadies, Andre Williams, John Doe, Half Japanese, Elevator and a million more) presents a magnificently essential 2nd guitar and lead presence; a screaming contribution by great friend and long time supporter of the band, Souichi Hisatake, (Forward, GISM, Insane Youth, Gudon etc) to crack your brain up; artwork in collaboration with Ryan Tong of S.H.I.T. and Toronto's life-giving Faith/Void; and a thundering recording, once again helmed by the decorated and limitless in his pursuit of smooth hearing loss, Jon Drew, provide the most damaging clarity Career Suicide have been able to capture to date.

The LP comes with alternative artwork to the Deranged Records pressing as well as a fully printed innersleeve and download code.

Cat No.: SSR-50

Label: → Static Shock

12,99 €

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