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DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Fired From The Circus 2xLP w/CD

FWR #50

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Fired From The Circus 2xLP w/CD
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Strictly limited coloured vinyl LP in heavyweight sleeve, with 24x12"printed insert, CD in PVC wallet! First 500 copies come in colored vinyl!

Boss Tuneage Retro and Farewell Records present the long awaited reissues of legendary UK Hardcore band Doctor And The Crippens!

“Fired From The Circus” is their legendary debut album from 1988 and has not been commercially available for over 2 decades! This is also the very first time this album is available on CD format, which is included in this deluxe double LP reissue!

The Limited Edition Double coloured vinyl LP edition also contains a 24 x 12” insert, and is re-issued in conjunction with the band and features liner notes and memorabilia from the bands personal collection - and that is not all – the album features a second record with a jaw dropping 23 bonus tracks, compiled from the bands first session for the John Peel Show in 1988, and demo, rehearsal and live recordings from 1985-87.

A must own for all fans of this era of UK Hardcore punk – second instalment “Raphanadosis” due out early 2015!!

Cat No.: FWR #50

Label: → Farewell Records

19,00 €

All Prices incl. 19 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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