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MASSKOTKI - Miau Miau Miau LP

NNNW no#

MASSKOTKI - Miau Miau Miau LP
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Bass Guitars and Synths...Electro-Punk femme fatale duo (now enhanced to a trio) from Warsaw, Poland. Provoking Polish catholic rednecks AND their fellow Punk-crowd (as well?). Not my cup of tea really music wise... thus, if you like electronical music, this contains the beat AND the message. There you go... This album includes tracks from the CD version of their 2nd album plus remixed tracks for all the punky DJs. Rave on... Released together with "Sister To Sister".

Cat No.: NNNW no#

Label: → Nikt Nic Nie Wie

10,50 €

All Prices incl. 16 % VAT and plus Shipping costs


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NEVER AGAIN - No Way! 7"

You like your punk with a healthy dose of hardcore aggression? Never Again, a four piece from Dijon, France, are a band you might want to check out. then! 5 pieces of old schoool political HC/Punk with political lyrix and delivered very raw and in your face!

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After a 7'', comes the album, 11 tracks of french acoustic anarchopunk with political lyrics and a touch of folk. Militant ballads for the revolution - stomping chansonesque music, featuring members of "La société elle a mauvaise haleine" - highly recommended - very entertaining!

10,00 € (All Prices incl. 16 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)
ULRIKES DREAM - If it Leads... It Bleeds 7

ULRIKES DREAM - If it Leads... It Bleeds 7" EP

Mid eighties Belgian crust-anarcho punk combo in the tradition of early UNHINGED. Pissed off crust that doesn't become boring or lame.

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ITCHY-O - Burn The Navigator LP

ITCHY-O - Burn The Navigator LP

This throbbing 32-piece band of masked chaos invites you to immerse yourself from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle for their debut LP "Burn The Navigator", Itchy-O provides the soundtrack to the end times, grand apocalyptic party that invites you to leave your world behind and daring you to let go of all expectations.

13,90 € (All Prices incl. 16 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)
GERK - First Discography LP

GERK - First Discography LP

32 short & to the point crust punk hymns from this band from Argentine. No Grind, no Metal, no bullshit "just" straightforward, cool uptempo, gallopping songs with a good rhythm to bang your head to.

10,00 € (All Prices incl. 16 % VAT and plus Shipping costs)

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