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V/A - Russia Bombs Finland LP


V/A - Russia Bombs Finland LP
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Absolute must have compilation LP reissue this time with replica of the original booklet! - For many folks around the world, this compilation was what introduced them to Finnish punk/hardcore. In 1982, legendary Finnish fanzine Propaganda released one of the best hardcore compilations that still makes jaws drop. The comp contains 35 tracks total by the likes of Bastards, Kaaos, NATO, Terveet Kadet, Riistetyt, 013, Maho Neityht, Appendix, Sekunda, Antikeho, and Dachau.


01 . Bastards - Vapaus
02 . Bastards - Lahdataan Ne
03 . Bastards - Ei Tulevaisuutta
04 . Bastards - Univormukonnat
05 . Bastards - Sodan Uhka
06 . Antikeho - R.A.Y.
07 . Antikeho - Peace & Love
08 . Antikeho - Suomi 83
09 . Antikeho - Uhoan
10 . Kaaos - Politiikka
11 . Kaaos - Ei Enaa Koskaan
12 . Kaaos - Ei Luovuteta
13 . Nato - Natsi
14 . Nato - Presidenttipeli
15 . Nato - Helsingin Yot
16 . Nato - Villi Ja Vapaa
17 . Terveet Kadet - Ma Haluan Paljon Rahaa
18 . Terveet Kadet - N.Y.T.
19 . Riistetyt - Ala Luota Systeemiin
20 . Riistetyt - Painu Helvettiin Natsiapara
21 . Riistetyt - Sa Maksat
22 . Riistetyt - Rajoitukset
23 . Riistetyt - Ma En Jaksa Elaa
24 . 013 - En Jaksa Enaa
25 . 013 - Tyonvalittaja
26 . 013 - Takaisin Todellisuuteen
27 . Maho Neitsyt - Aku Ankka Raskaana
28 . Maho Neitsyt - Mika Mun Paassa Nykii
29 . Appendix - Sina Ja Mina
30 . Appendix - Taa Maailma On Meidan
31 . Sekunda - Suomi Vapaaksi
32 . Sekunda - Lepakon Hamyt
33 . Sekunda - Poseeraajat
34 . Dachau - Elukat
35 . Dachau - Huomena Haudassa

Cat.No.: PNV096

Label: → Puke'N'Vomit (US)

16,90 €

Alle Preise inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten


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DYSTOPIA - s/t. 2008 LP

DYSTOPIA - s/t. 2008 LP

Back In Stock!!! - At last the final Dystopia full length will see the light of day! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. Recorded at Tim Green's LOUDER STUDIOS during various sessions between 2004-2005, this record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom ridden punk. Crazy shit as we know them for! Comes with a 20 pages fullcolour booklet with lots of collages.

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CHAIN CULT - Demo 2018 MLP

CHAIN CULT - Demo 2018 MLP

Falls somewhere between Warsaw and Joy Division. The guitar effects remind me of Bauhaus and JD but the vocals are more punk. They have a newer 7" coming in August 2018.

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CHAIN CULT - Shallow Grave LP

CHAIN CULT - Shallow Grave LP

Athen’s CHAIN CULT return with their first full length following a great Demo and 7” from last year. Recorded at Ignite Music by George Christoforidis during May and July of 2019, Shallow Grave shows the progression of a band who have played non-stop for two years, covering pretty much all of Europe. CHAIN CULT’s post punk is anthemic, militant and idealistic, putting music to a very dark and bleak time and place. You can hear echoes of early THE CURE, THE SOUND, Second Empire Justice era BLITZ or WIPERS in their music but also the passion and conviction of locals METRO DECAY, STRESS or ANTI… Very much a perfect reflection of what springs to mind thinking about the current Athens scene.

15,90 € (Alle Preise inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)


ex. TOTEM SKIN!!! Dödsrit is a project created by Christoffer Öster from TOTEM SKIN. Dödsrit tries to blend atmospheric black metal with the rawness from crust. The writing for Dödsrit started right after Totem Skin had recorded their last album "Weltschmerz" and was conducted for almost two years before it saw the light of the day. Dödsritt shivering melodies were created in the deep forests in the outskirts of Borlänge, Sweden. Conducted by Christoffer Öster from Totem Skin who poured every drop of passion he could harvest from the bottom of his heart. This same titeled LP is the band’s 1st full-length.

12,90 € (Alle Preise inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Baptised In Shit LP (Reissue)

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Baptised In Shit LP (Reissue)

"Baptised In Shit" is the 1995 debut album of Manchesters crucial-crust institution EXTINCTION OF MANKIND. Reissued via Ruin Nation Records and available again on vinyl for the first time in 17 Years and for the very first time as digital download! - Originally published in 1995 by Skuld Releases, written and recorded by the (semi) original line up you find the E.O.M. sound pointing more towards a unique combination of early 80´s UK Peace-Punk like ICONS OF FILTH with a heavy dose of ANTI-SECT influence but with a far superior 90´s production and a really heavy guitar-ridden sound that remind me quite a bit of CELTIC FROST.

14,90 € (Alle Preise inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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