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Nine attacks of pure mid nineties Eurosquat-crustcore that comes in its raw and angered nature with the filthy grinding metal guitar chords, slashing cymbals and thundering drums going steady forward and forward. Two female vocalists vomit their complains and disgust in a dual treatment and I can tell you they are pretty unamused.

DETRITUS where from Antwerpen from a time when Belgium was a capital in the ninties European DIY punk and crust scene. A lot of squatting actions took place and out of the squats came such amazing acts like HIATUS, UNHINGED, INTESTINAL DISEASE and ULRIKES DREAM. The latter two bands where part of the members who finally set up DETRITUS in 1999 and existed until 2005 when they call it a day and forced their energy into new projects such like "Visions of War" and numerous others.

These nine tracks are a premortal recording put down in 2005 before "Saar", singer of Detritus, died in 2006 and since the band never released anything before, this release might be a memorial as well as a time document. In the age of sterile "neo-crust" I think it´s about time to bring this back on the map; they fill the gap quite well between early UNHINGED and DISAFFECT...

LP comes with a 16 page booklet and made to play as LOUD AS FÖK!

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Cat No.: BOLLOX 014

Label: → Ruin Nation Records

8,00 €

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